Probably supports abortion too

Seven puppies were found next to a dumpster in Coachella, California, and authorities say they are looking for the woman caught on camera leaving them.

The woman is accused of leaving the newborn puppies in a plastic bag near a dumpster behind a NAPA Auto Parts store on Thursday afternoon, according to Riverside County Animal Services.

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Hmmm, I’m guessing a ring wouldn’t be a good gift

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Naw, hell no


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Go ahead, give ‘er a pinch

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Your Wednesday Morning Florida Report

PORT CHARLOTTE (WWSB) – Dozens of animals had to live in deplorable conditions in Elizabeth Smock’s Port Charlotte home. The floors of the home covered in urine and feces. 72 animals rescued from the conditions and brought to the Animal Welfare League shelter to heal and get better.

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Good Morning

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I knew twins were a lot alike but damn…

Two Texas deputy constables were injured on Sunday when two twins, who were allegedly drunk while driving separate vehicles, crashed into an officer’s car while they were investigating an earlier fatal crash.

James Bramlet, 37, and his twin brother, Joseph Bramlet were both charged with driving under the influence after the incident on Beltway 8 at Galveston Road in Houston on Sunday. James Bramlet was also charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon.

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Fuck traffic

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“Sit, Massa, sit!”

Social Justice Warriors have apparently run out of people and objects to declare as racist and are now setting taking aim at man’s best friend.
Ben Faulding, a socialist with bylines in the Washington Post, Tablet Mag, and The Forward has declared that dogs are a “tool of white supremacy and gentrification.”

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I was hoping this was Florida but would’ve settled for Oklahoma

MUNSON, CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Three Clearfield County men who were charged with having sex with 12 animals over the past four to five years have been sentenced.

Matthew Brubaker, 31, Terry Wallace, 41, and Marc Measnikoff, 34, have all been sentenced to 20 to 41 years in state prison with additional probation.

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Damn, I bet her feet hurt

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Never slow down never grow old

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A Primer: Rifle Bullet Designs

As it happens each late summer and fall, hunters head into the field. Before they go, the annual argument ensues about which bullet is best for hunting. Since most (if not all) of the hunting seasons are over, I felt it would be worthwhile to discuss the characteristics of different bullet types to better prepare you for next hunting season.

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Lips be flappin’

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No wonder I’m so tired all the time

Sleep scientist Matthew Walker has observed that “human beings are the only species that deliberately deprive themselves of sleep for no apparent gain.” We stay up late to watch our favorite TV shows. We wake up early to get to work or school on time. And twice a year we change our clocks, to the bewilderment of our circadian rhythms.

We also set up conflicts between our natural and social clocks in other, less obvious ways, a fact underscored in research published this month in the Journal of Health Economics. It turns out, the study found, that living on the wrong side of a time zone’s boundary can have negative consequences on a person’s health and wallet.

The culprit? More natural light in the evening hours.

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American Standoff

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Good luck to ya

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Beginners shouldn’t play with big guns

Check out the flinch on the first shooter when the gun misfires at the 1:30 mark. Then watch the second guy.

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Ruger introduces the Wrangler

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. has introduced the Wrangler™ single-action revolver chambered in .22 LR. Built on the legacy of the popular Ruger® Single-Six®, the new Wrangler complements Ruger’s rich history of producing quality, rugged, reliable single-action revolvers. The attractive price, combined with the affordability of rimfire ammunition, make this revolver ideal for learning to shoot, introducing friends or family to the sport, or just experiencing the fun of single-action shooting.


If any of y’all buy one of these, would you please shoot me an email and let me know what you think of it? I’m especially interested in what the trigger pull is like.

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A fucking cow???

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