You go, Girl

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KOAT/CNN) – A gas station worker has been suspended for two weeks for shooting a robbery suspect. But in an interview, the worker said she’s sticking to her guns.

“I grabbed my gun from my pocket, I cocked it, and I shot,” said Jennifer Wertz, who shot the robbery suspect. “I’m sick and tired of being a sitting duck.”

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Best shit I’ve ever eaten, that’s for sure


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Well, it is the closest thing to a beach in Oklahoma…

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That moment…

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Knowledge is Good

I’ve recently discovered a fairly new blog and figured y’all might be interested in it – politics, current events and other news. The author does his research and the blog is put together really well and is updated regularly. It’s becoming a daily stop for me and hopefully for you as well.
Check it out when you get a minute. If you lose the link, you’ll find it in my sidebar links.
Knowledge is Good

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Fanny Friday

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OKC cops shoot and kill deaf man

Oklahoma City police officers who fatally shot a man approaching with a metal pipe apparently did not hear witnesses yelling that the man was deaf, according to authorities.

Magdiel Sanchez wasn’t listening to the officers’ commands before he was shot with a gun and a Taser on Tuesday night, but bystanders were yelling “he can’t hear you” before the officers fired, according to Capt. Bo Mathews. The officers did not hear them.

Sanchez, who was 35, died at the scene. The officer who fired the gun has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

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Laziness – Expert Level

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No wonder they wear veils

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Can she get any fucking dumber?

Waters urged the crowd not to get hung up on what law to invoke in the impeachment process:

Impeachment is about whatever the Congress says it is. There is no law that dictates impeachment. What the Constitution says is “high crimes and misdemeanors,” and we define that.

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‘nother one

A former high school teacher in Arkansas accused of sleeping with four different students — two of them in the same night — stood before a judge Wednesday.

Jessie Lorene Goline, 25, faces one count of first-degree sexual assault, Arkansas Online reported.
-Jeffery from Alabama, JD

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Miami-Dade County Tickets Residents for Code Violations

Mere hours after Hurricane Irma, Miami-Dade County was ticketing residents for building code violations on their wrecked properties.

Celso Perez was helping his neighbors remove some fallen trees blocking their street when a county code enforcer rolled up and issued him a safety notice for having a downed fence. “I laughed,” Perez tells WSVN-TV. “I thought he was kidding. ‘You are kidding right? We just had a hurricane six hours ago.'”

It wasn’t a joke. The official told Perez that the downed fence—which encloses a pool—was a safety hazard, and that if it wasn’t fixed by the time he returned, Perez would be hit with a fine. The official then hung the safety citation on the portion of Perez’s fence that remained standing, leaving him and his neighbors to finish clearing the debris from their street.

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Just sayin’

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Dykes Gone Wild

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Might as well head shoot that kid now. Mom & Dad too.

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We’re not alone

Justin Bieber has a new aka, though it definitely won’t be of his choosing: “Fifth most disliked man in America.” Former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling, topped the E-Score poll with 92% of the votes.

Justin Bieber may have found the title for his forthcoming new album, “Fifth Most Hated Man In America.”

It has a certain ring doesn’t it? And a certain ridiculousness.

According to a new poll by E-Score, the 20-year-old superstar came fifth among the 1,100 surveyed with 86% of votes for “Most Disliked Man In America.”

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Hmmm, smells like Lassie

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Last call at the gay bar

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Irish trap

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