11096Didn’t have that problem with my ex. She didn’t cook. Didn’t clean either, come to think of it. Actually, it wasn’t unusual to come home at 6 PM and find her still in her pajamas.


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How’s this for a rush?

......echtlustig gif

I’ve never seen a whale before. Well, not a live one. Saw a dead one washed up on a beach at Big Sur one time but I didn’t get close enough to smell it much less really see it.

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Your Friday afternoon cutie


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His very own midget……


Probably a kid but I’m going with midget because it’s Friday.

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Welcome, flatlander!


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Wirecutter and Angel finally meet


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Same song, different title

Christian A. Kerodin fixed heaters and air conditioners for a living. But after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, he found something new to repair: what he saw as the vulnerability of major Washington area shopping malls to terrorism.

With no experience, Kerodin started an international consulting firm and issued reports criticizing security at the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, Tysons Galleria and Landmark Mall in Alexandria, saying they had failed to prepare for biological, chemical or other attacks.

The 37-year-old Alexandria businessman hawked his reports in news releases and convinced the editor of a national real estate publication to feature him as an expert with 20 years of foreign policy and counter-terrorism experience. His reports were quoted by Wall Street analysts. He was even scheduled to speak at an emergency preparedness conference in the District alongside a senior Treasury Department official. (emphasis mine. -WC)


Hobnobbing with the enemy….. Fuck principles. Anything for a buck. Or was he not a so called Patriot and II%er back then? Was that another scam he dreamed up in the joint? Can anybody come up with anything he’d written about our Cause before he went to prison? No? He was (and still is) a prolific writer, with HVAC books and even a trashy romance novel or two under his belt. But no books until 2010. Why not?

Follow the link and read the rest. It all sounds so fucking familiar.

“He was such a smooth talker, and his focus on shopping malls and the risks to them seemed relatively unique at that point,” said Gaston Boisson, current president of the association’s DC/Mid Atlantic Chapter. The group yanked Kerodin’s appearance when it learned about the court case.

“People were wondering, ‘Who was this guy, and what was he doing?’ Nobody knew him,” Kavanagh said.

For Valley, the editor taken in by Kerodin, it was a hard lesson. “I feel betrayed and angry,” Valley said. He said he will now conduct “background checks on anyone who claims to be a consultant.”

So if you read Kerodin’s drivel, have you asked yourself any questions? Why not? Most of you wouldn’t give 5 bucks to a telemarketer or some dude in Nigeria, yet you’ll send money to somebody with a good line most of you haven’t met or even talked to on the phone because he played on our hopes. Hey, he’s marketing a dream. It’s a very nice dream, but it’s still a dream. I fell for it too and I consider myself to be a very level headed man. It was fucking hard for me to admit that I was wrong in my initial judgement of the man.

Has anybody else noticed that none of his projects have a deadline? I didn’t, until the other day when a Patriot who lost a shitload of money on the Founders scam and I was talking and this came into my inbox:

He learned from III Arms. That was a scheme in which success hinged on immediate (within a few months) production of a product that would eat up all the money. Instead of the III Arms money, which he did who only knows what with, it ate up Jim Miller’s money. He learned, and all of his subsequent schemes had no immediate production requirements. Down payments for the Citadel (wonder how much he took in there with no deadline to produce), III PS, give me money, don’t ask where it went.

And another light went on in my head and it became just a little bit clearer. No, I hadn’t noticed until I read that but yeah, that’s absolutely correct.

Think about what you’re doing, people. Ask questions. Ask him questions if you want, but don’t expect a straight answer. More importantly, ask yourself questions.  Ask yourself some tough questions. You know that nagging thought that lives in the back of your mind? Maybe it was something that was said, something that was done, something that wasn’t done. But bring that thought out and seriously analyze it. Break it down and figure it out. And don’t be afraid to walk away if that thought turns out to be right.

I know I know, you’ve walked away from the IIIPS and now you suddenly have 10 or 20 bucks laying around just dying to be donated. What in the hell are you supposed to do with it? You can’t keep it because it’ll throw your budget all off so you’ve got to give to somebody. But who?
I have a suggestion. There’s some very good Patriots within the IIIPS that are working on commendable projects, a couple of guys running mobile kitchens for one. Find one of those projects you like and give it directly to them. That way they get all the money instead of the organization getting a cut.They’ll appreciate the money and you’ll have peace of mind knowing where it went.

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Your Good Morning Girl


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100 ounces of water a day – at least

It’s 102 outside in the shade and feels like it’s 115, I swear.
I went to Home Depot a couple of hours ago for some plywood. By the time I wheeled it out to the truck I was sweating. By the time I got it loaded, I was dripping. I mean fucking soaked. Shirt, Wranglers and socks. My wallet is soaked. The money in my pocket is useless – nobody wants to handle my ball sweat.

And the first motherfucker that says “At least it’s a dry heat” can watch me blow up. The only people that ever say that are the ones that don’t fucking live in ‘dry heat’. See how you feel when you walk out into the sun and feel like you’re about to burst into flames. Yes, I’ve lived where the humidity is high (Georgia, Maryland, Missouri) and it just ain’t the same. Apples and oranges, man.

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Another “Aw Fuck” moment in time

ich gif

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Meanwhile, In NYC…..


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Online illicit market places continue to grow

The original Silk Road and its operator were taken down by the United States federal government in an over-the-top campaign that featured stunningly corrupt federal agents. Beyond its employees’ sticky fingers, the federal government almost certainly hacked servers hosted overseas in the course of its efforts and then shrugged its institutional shoulders over the legal status of the tactic. But even as the feds brutally targeted Ross Ulbricht and his underground marketplace, new sites proliferated on the anonymous TOR network to more than replace what the U.S. Government had shut down.

“Far from causing the demise of this novel form of commerce,” write Carnegie-Mellon University researchers Nicolas Cristin and Kyle Soska, “the Silk Road take-down spawned an entire, dynamic, online anonymous marketplace ecosystem, which has continued to evolve to this day.”

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More bullshit and lies

Sent in by a reader:

“Across the business spectrum, the vast majority of companies are taking a far too lax posture on this security issue,” says Christian Kerodin, president of Kerodin International Security & Policy Consultants, who has 20 years of experience in security protocols, foreign policy and counter-terrorism…..”


Let’s see….. I’d put Sam in his mid 40s now and the article is dated 2003 so that means that he was in his mid teens when he started his career in security protocols, foreign policy and counter terrorism. That’s pretty heady stuff for a 15 year old.
I’m just wondering how he managed to fit all that in considering he’s already stated that he spent his earlier years traveling around the country studying martial arts and sleeping on dojo floors. You’d think an expert on foreign policy could afford Motel 6 at least.
So much for credibility, huh?

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Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon…..

bacon socks

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I’m glad I don’t work for ATT

Miss Lisa’s on the phone right now screaming at them for raising our rates again and then having the balls to double bill us.
It ain’t pretty.

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Politically correct and shit

Now Walmart has announced that they will no longer sell semi-automatic firearms in any of their stores. This is not connected to the concerted effort by 13% churches to force them to do so, according to a Walmart spokesman. The black churches say too many black men are killed with AR-15 style rifles (they don’t mention it’s other black men wielding them) and they have been going after Walmart with nuisance suits and penny packet “demonstrations.” But Walmart says there is no connection between the announcement last week that 13% churches were going to stage a big protest, and Walmart’s sudden announcement that the guns have to go. It’s just a coincidence, related to normal marketing, and they neglected to make the announcement when the decision was made months ago. That’s all.

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Angel’s OCD must be kicking in again


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To Serve…..

Klamath County Commissioners placed seven of the county’s 30 sheriff’s deputies on paid leave Monday amid a state criminal investigation of Klamath County Sheriff Frank Skrah.

The Oregon Department of Justice confirmed it is investigating the department. Department of Justice spokeswoman Kristina Edmunson declined to elaborate.

Three other sources said the department is investigating Skrah for use of excessive force, including allegations the sheriff punched a handcuffed suspect.

Department of Justice investigators interviewed several deputies in July about several incidents involving Skrah, said Becky Gallagher, a Eugene lawyer hired by the deputies’ union to represent them. The deputies went to commissioners Friday asking to be put on leave out of concern of reprisals.

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Yeah, I know. Thanks anyways.


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III year olds….. Hahahahahaha!!!!


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280,000,000 zombies

Smartphone and tablet users just can’t get enough of their mobile devices. Some do nearly everything with phone in hand.

U.S. consumers spend, on average, three hours and 40 minutes each day on their mobile devices, an increase of 35% from a year ago in the second quarter of 2014. And that time spent on mobile devices continues to increase, said Simon Khalaf, senior vice president of publishing products at Yahoo.
Globally there are 280 million “mobile addicts,” who use apps more than 60 times daily. Effectively, “these folks are conducting their lives on mobile,” Khalaf said. Regular users access apps up to 16 times daily, Flurry’s research found.


Let’s see, total percentage of my time spent on a mobile device would be….. damned near zero. A dozen quick texts a month, and I make maybe 3 phone calls per month. Maybe. My call log shows 3 phone calls in August, 2 in July, none in May, 1 in June, 3 in April, all received, none answered – probably because they were during work hours or I didn’t recognize the numbers. I dialed 1 phone call in all the months above. Not even sure if I can get online with my phone – there’s a button for ‘browser’ but I don’t know how nor do I care to learn how to use it. My phone bill? Less than 20 bucks every 6 months.
I do own 2 tablets (Kindles), the cheapest model at work and a Fire at home, but the only time I ever go online with them is to order new books and I usually do that with my laptop.

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The perfect shot

.perfect shot

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Wouldn’t even faze me first thing in the morning

At 4 AM, I could find a fucking squirrel in my coffee and it wouldn’t bother me.

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