Russians, man…..


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Sounds to me like they arrested the wrong person

PAOLI, Okla. – An Oklahoma mom was arrested Monday morning, after police said she shot a man she found in her 16-year-old daughter’s bedroom.

Police arrested 34-year-old Valerie Fowler for assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

It happened at a home on Mark Ave in Paoli.

“We can say that there was a 16-year-old girl that witnessed the shooting a well as a young child,” said Michael Lewis, Paoli police chief.

Police said, around 7:20 a.m. Monday, they received two 911 calls.

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He must’ve heard Angel was in town


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An interview with Todd Hodnett – The Long-Range Cowboy


Todd Hodnett has carved his own well defined path by not fitting into someone else’s predetermined box. He’s a problem solver and pioneer in extreme long-range shooting whose career has had a snowball effect in the wider world, leading to improvements in the way our armed forces train and operate today. This Texas cowboy went from ranching, to competitive shooting, to teaching some of the most elite military members in the world.

Growing up in Texas, Hodnett spent much of his free time hunting, and before long he pushed his long range capabilities to the limits as he took animals at ever further distances. Competitiveness always stirred within him, no matter the application. Within a year of taking up competitive cowboy action shooting, he was a national champion. Shortly after breaking into long-range competitions, he won major matches. Perseverance sets him apart from the rest. Taking opportunity by the horns, he founded Accuracy 1st, which trains both civilians and military.

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Everybody Has To Be Somewhere


While I try to post a scenic picture every few days, there’s a blogger out there who’s entire site is dedicated to such posts. BW does a fair amount of traveling around in his neck of the woods prairie and takes the time to actually stop, explore and photograph things that you and me would probably just blow past thinking ‘Huh, I need to stop there someday’.
When life’s nipping at your heels and you need to take a break, check him out.

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Lights prevents angels

Many of you train on your shooting skills, by shooting hundreds of stationary paper targets in lighted area with your bullets neatly stacked before you. For anyone that owns a firearm, (or other defensive tool for that matter), how many of you have actually trained to clear a room in the event of a home invasion? It seems pretty intuitive; you have a gun so you can defend your family and your property. But how many have actually trained to protect them? How many have trained at night? How many know how many steps it takes from one obstacle to the next and where they are located? How high up are the light switches located? Where are the mirrors? Just like all things in training, when you train as you will fight, certain things become apparent. One of these is the use of a light.

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Making do with what you got


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So much for personal responsibilty


Helena, Arkansas – An Arkansas police officer is suing Glock after he accidentally shot himself in the foot.

According to, Officer Larry Jones of Cherry Valley, Arkansas, is the plaintiff and is suing Glock after a 2013 incident when he shot himself with his Glock 19C pistol. Jones was reportedly trying to put a weapon light on his pistol when he shot himself in the foot. The officer claims that it was a defective gun which caused the accidental discharge.

After he had purchased the gun in 2000, Jones had not altered the gun at all, and he reportedly alleges that the gun was sold to him “in a defective condition which rendered (it) unreasonably dangerous.”

That must have been a rough 13 years shooting this dangerously “defective” gun. The part of the gun that was allegedly defective appears to be the manual safety on the Glock, that is, there is none.

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No evidence of anybody clowning around

GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) — Deputies in South Carolina have increased patrols after getting new reports of people dressed as clowns trying to lure children into the woods.

News outlets report that Greenville County sheriff’s deputies were called to an apartment complex about 8:20 p.m. Monday that is about 20 minutes from a complex where people reporting seeing clowns last week.

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White Lives Matter declared a ‘hate group’ by the SPLC

A white nationalist group called White Lives Matter, which calls itself an opponent of the Black Lives Matter movement, has been declared a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that tracks extremist groups in the United States.

“The White Lives Matter website says their movement is dedicated to the preservation of the white race. That tells you all you need to know,” said Heidi Beirich, the director of the Intelligence Project at the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Ala. “They’re against integration, immigration. This is standard white supremacist stuff.”

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Soros’s plan for more federal overreach

A leaked document from George Soros’s Open Society Foundations exposes the billionaire’s level of involvement in attempting to build what his organization describes as a “national movement” to reform local police forces across the U.S. The reform largely consists of federal guidelines for local police forces.
The document identifies an opportunity in the police killings of African-American men in Ferguson, Staten Island, North Charleston, and Baltimore. It relates that the U.S. contingent of Open Society held a planning meeting titled, “Police Reform: How to Take Advantage of the Crisis of the Moment and Drive Long-Term Institutional Change in Police-Community Practice.”

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Should’ve eaten bacon instead

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Virginia health officials say there are now 40 confirmed cases of Hepatitis A that are connected to frozen strawberries used at Tropical Smoothie Cafe locations across the state, up from 28 cases less than a week ago.

The Virginia Department of Health said in a news release Monday that about 55 percent of the infected residents have been hospitalized.

There are more than 500 of the smoothie franchises across the country, and Virginia is not the only state affected.

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School’s Flag ban reversed

A South Carolina high school has reversed a ban on students bringing US flags to football games after a furious backlash.

Travelers Rest High School stopped students carrying the stars and stripes from getting in to sporting events, fearing the flag was fanning racial tensions.

One student said he was told to put away the national symbol because “it could offend someone”.

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In yet another ISIS inspired move…..

The Veterans Affairs Department quietly moved this month to ban flying of Confederate flags from fixed flagpoles at the cemeteries it runs, striking yet another blow against the controversial emblem.
Congress had debated and rejected that change, but the Obama administration decided to move forward anyway, saying it was unilaterally imposing the restrictions.
“In particular, we will amend our policy to make clear that Confederal flags will not be displayed from any permanently fixed flagpole in a national cemetery at any time,” wrote Ronald E. Walters, under secretary for memorial affairs at the VA.

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Took me months to train him to do that


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Gun porn


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Just sayin’


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Another glorious day

117 bob

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Yeah, I’d never eat all of it


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Yeah, why waste any time?

a trigger wisco


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