Thanks, Dad.


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Oooh, the Microwaved Melon!!!


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Wirecutter and Miss Lisa – The Later Years


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Now THAT’S a morning piss!


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Fucking Europeans got some weird ass furniture


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Headed to Ferguson, dawg.


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Your Good Morning Girl


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Got preps? Lots of them?

Washington (CNN) — China and “probably one or two other” countries have the capacity to shut down the nation’s power grid and other critical infrastructure through a cyber attack, the head of the National Security Agency told a Congressional panel Thursday.
Admiral Michael Rogers, who also serves the dual role as head of U.S. Cyber Command, said the United States has detected malware from China and elsewhere on U.S. computers systems that affect the daily lives of every American.
“It enables you to shut down very segmented, very tailored parts of our infrastructure that forestall the ability to provide that service to us as citizens,” Rogers said in testimony before the House Intelligence Committee.

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Awwww….. BFF!!!


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Who says leggings aren’t pants?


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Where there’s a will there’s a way


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Mohammed’s child bride


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BRB. Headed to the store.


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“What the fuck?”


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Ugly and probably obnoxious too


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Looks familiar

Actually, CharlieGodammit just bangs his steel dish against the patio.

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C’mon guys, you’ll get it soon.


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Your Good Morning Girl

thumbs_EMOK Picdump 371_020

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And let the games begin……

Ferguson, Missouri (CNN) — The grand jury hearing evidence on the Michael Brown shooting is preparing to meet Friday for what might be its final session, and a decision on whether to charge Officer Darren Wilson could come the same day, law enforcement officials briefed on the plans said.
St. Louis County prosecutors are preparing to present more evidence to the grand jury before starting deliberations, and a decision on an indictment is expected soon after, the law enforcement officials said.
Who is Michael Brown? National Guard called into Ferguson New video shows Officer Darren Wilson?
If a decision comes Friday, prosecutors are expected to provide law enforcement with 48 hours notice before making a public announcement, possibly on Sunday.

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama will outline a plan on Thursday to relax U.S. immigration policy for as many as 5 million people, bypassing Congress and angering Republicans.
U.S. Representative Paul Ryan, the leading Republican voice on fiscal policy and a potential 2016 presidential candidate, called the plan a “partisan bomb” while a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner branded the president “Emperor Obama” for acting unilaterally.


And as long as I’m at it, fuck you too Boner, you fucking RINO.

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Each and every one of you assholes


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Why yes you are. God bless you.


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Straight Up White Trash, God bless ‘em


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Somebody was pissed


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