Who the fuck buys a half an avocado?

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The trainwreck continues

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Saturday signed a law intended to counter Trump administration plans to increase oil and gas production on protected public land.

The measure bars any California leasing authority from allowing pipelines or other oil and gas infrastructure to be built on state property. It makes it difficult for drilling to occur because federally protected areas are adjacent to state-owned land.

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California, here comes your $6 a gallon gas

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Calif. — A fire raging at a fuel storage facility in the San Francisco Bay Area prompted a hazardous materials emergency Tuesday afternoon that led authorities to order about 12,000 people in two communities to stay inside with all windows and doors closed.

Emergency sirens blared and thick plumes of black smoke and flames filled the skyline around the NuStar Energy LP facility in Crockett, California, about 30 miles northeast of San Francisco.


A double whammy for y’all: You’re coming off the ‘summer blend’ and now a refinery fire.
Sucks to be you.

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Catch of the Day

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The Old and the New

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U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib told Detroit police Chief James Craig he should employ only black people on the department’s facial recognition team because “non-African Americans think African-Americans all look the same.”

The Detroit Democrat made the statement during a tour of the Real Time Crime center, where monitors display live footage from video cameras on traffic lights and in and around businesses.

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Okay, but tell us more about the babe

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After Trump, We’re Next

The Democrats in 2016 graciously gave Americans the opportunity to do as we were told and vote for Hillary Clinton. And just as we so many times disappointed Barack Obama, we failed them as well, proving our illegitimacy as a citizenry.

Electing Trump was the last straw for them – plastic, of course, paper is for us rabble. They used to want only our money, but since we elected Trump, they’ve decided to come for everything else we enjoy as free citizens of the Republic.

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Probably trained by outrunning lions and shit

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CT Gun Theft Victim Gets Rest Of His Guns Taken By Police

One thing lawmakers should consider when they pass a law isn’t just how it will be enforced but also how that enforcement will sway people’s behavior. For example, the idea behind the death penalty is, in part, that executing people will dissuade others from committing such heinous crimes. That’s the goal.

However, sometimes the enforcement may actually push people into behaving very differently than originally intended.

A case last week in Connecticut is just such an example.

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The shit I post on Facebook




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Well, that’s some spooky shit

In the early morning light, dust from hooves creates a fog at Silvies Valley Ranch in remote eastern Oregon. Cowboys whistle and talk low to their eager herding dogs. They’re moving the cattle from one vast, sage-studded range to another.

Five young purebred bulls mysteriously showed up dead on the ranch this past summer, drained of blood and with body parts precisely removed.

The ranch’s vice president, Colby Marshall, drives his truck down a U.S. Forest Service road.

“Then we’ll get out and take a little walk to where one of the bulls was found. And the carcass is still there,” Marshall says.

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Straight up White Trash, God bless ’em

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Gavin Newsom goes full retard on gun control

In a move that has surprised no one, Governor Gavin Newsom signed a slew of bills today that continue the Left’s juggernaut against the 2nd Amendment.

“Newsom has just busted the door open for more legal challenges,” said Sam Paredes, Executive Director of Gun Owners of California. “His unquenchable drive to drown the Constitution and the Bill of Rights will not happen without a robust fight from us.”

The following gun-related bills were among those signed by the Governor today:

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Tuesday gifdump




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“But I don’t want to go outside and play”

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Biden steps on supporter’s dicks

On prime-time television Thursday night, Joe Biden reminisced about a time when LGBTQ discourse was all about “gay bathhouses” and ”round-the-clock sex” ― and viewers were not sure how to feel about it.

The former vice president made the comments to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who was moderating the Los Angeles town hall event, a forum for nine Democratic presidential candidates to discuss LGBTQ issues.

After going on a tangent about stereotypes surrounding gay people, Biden concluded with a reflection on how the discourse about homosexuality had changed in recent years, compared with about two decades ago:

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They wore out the words ‘teens’ and ‘youths’, now the description is ‘juveniles’ again

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Police say a group of approximately 200 juveniles caused a disruption in Northeast Philadelphia Monday night. In total, police say four arrests were made — one for vandalism and three for disorderly conduct.

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Man, there’s certain thing even I wouldn’t do

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Lousiana Man competes with Florida Man

THIBODAUX, LA (WGNO) – A 29-year old man is behind bars after police found him riding a tricycle and carry drugs on him.

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