And they thought we’re just being polite


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Fucking idiots

On my days off one of my favorite things to do is to duel with the lefties that comment in my local smutsheet, The Modesto Bee.
Here’s the attitude I gotta deal with:


And my reply to the idiot:


Luckily, dummies like that are in the minority in these parts. Here’s another example from the same letter to the editor:


The rest HERE

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Excuse me, your mole has a hair…

goat man

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Obama bows again – this time to a fucking robot

TOKYO (AP) — The voice was slightly halting, childlike. “Welcome to Miraikan, Mr. President, it is a pleasure to meet you.”
President Barack Obama bowed, looking delighted.
His greeter, after all, was a 55-inch-tall, give or take, humanoid robot with the look of a diminutive Star Wars storm trooper.
“It’s nice to meet you, too,” Obama said, pausing to watch the robot, named ASIMO, perform during a tour of the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.

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Good Morning!


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And a view from the opposing side


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Ball lightning


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Your Good Morning Girl


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No, I wasn’t born in a fucking haystack.


A picture postcard of Memorial South in Ceres, CA – the hospital I was born in. The cars are about right for the time period, too.
The building’s still standing although now it’s a school of some sort for special ed kids or juvenile delinquents or something along those lines which I don’t find coincidental at all.

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No, fuck YOU!!!


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Teen-aged boys are jizzing all over this shit


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Concealed carry in the Old West

I saw this in my electronic edition of True West magazine today and thought you might get a kick out of it. I’ll provide the link below if you’d like to read the entire article.


So how did Westerners hide their big six-guns? Wyatt Earp reportedly had a special heavy canvas pocket sewn to the inside of his frock coat, spacious enough to carry a Colt Single Action Army revolver without detection.

Another means of secretly carrying weaponry were the high-topped boots worn by so many men on the frontier. Besides knives, small- to medium-sized handguns—especially the widely sold single-shot boot pistols of the early- to mid-19th century—could easily be hidden in these tall, stovepipe affairs.

Perhaps the most unusual mode of packing a six-gun was that practiced by Hardin in his later years in El Paso, Texas. Eyewitness accounts state that Hardin occasionally carried a pair of .41 caliber, double-action 1877 Colt “Thunderers” in his trouser pockets—with the muzzles pointing up! In an interview appearing in the August 23, 1895, edition of the El Paso Daily Times (just four days after Hardin’s death), Hardin’s landlady said, “Yes, Mr. Hardin was certainly a quick man with his guns…He would place his [unloaded] guns inside his breeches in front with the muzzles out. Then he would jerk them out by the muzzle, and with a toss as quick as lightning, grasp them by the handle and have them clicking in unison.”

A unique mode of packing the Peacemaker Colt—sans holster—was to thrust it into one’s waistband, and then open the loading gate. The opened gate prevented the Colt from sliding down into the pants, keeping it at waist level for a fast draw. Generally speaking, the system worked well, despite one frontier sheriff’s misadventure while relying on this method. He later stated that in one gunfight, he drew his Colt in such haste that he forgot to close the loading gate. He got his first shot off without a hitch, but as the revolver was cocked for a follow-up shot, a cartridge slipped out of its chamber into the loading gate area and jammed the gun. Fortunately for the lawman, his first shot settled the dispute and further gunplay was unnecessary.

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Afternoon titties


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NY adopts Stasi tactics

h/t Murray

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Meet The Militia…

Pretty good article considering it comes from a liberal publication.

James Yeager is calling from Cliven Bundy’s front yard, where he’s one of several (he won’t say how many) providing 24-hour security to the Bundy family. He and his friend packed up “a full medical kit and a camera” and drove 26 ½ hours from their home in Camden, Tennessee last week to document what he calls “a tremendous overreach of federal power.” He’s been posting daily videos to his YouTube site.
When asked if he also packed weapons, Yeager said, “of course. I’m always armed. This is not any different than any other day for me.”
Yeager is one of hundreds of supporters who journeyed to Bunkerville, Nevada in support of the rancher’s standoff with the federal Bureau of Land Management. Though federal agents released Bundy’s cattle over a week ago, many have remained on the ranch to protest and protect the rancher’s family. They’ve hailed Bundy — who owes the federal government over $1 million in unpaid grazing fees — as an “American hero.” The Mormon father of 14 has even inspired futuristic fan fiction from his most ardent admirers: “Yes, it’s been a great half-century for America, and we owe much of our good fortune to the bravery of Cliven Bundy.”

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And it starts…


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Ever since “Brokeback Mountain” came out…


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Making the best of a bad situation


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One stop shopping


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Your Good Morning Girl


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Can you say “Assassination”?

BUNKERVILLE, Nev. (CBS Las Vegas/AP) — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says “something is going to happen” to get Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy to stop letting his cattle graze on federal land.
“It’s obvious that you can’t just walk away from this. And we can speculate all we want to speculate to what’s going to happen next,” Reid told KSNV-TV. “But I don’t think it’s going to be tomorrow that something is going to happen, but something will happen. We are a nation of laws, not of men and women.”

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Last week Angel shot Miss Lisa an email wanting to know what our dog’s collars measured. I wasn’t too sure what she was up to so I asked and Miss Lisa said she was ordering CharlieGodammit and his old lady L’il Lucy some collars from a friend that does jewelry.
Great. Now Angel’s wanting to gay up my dogs.
Monday I crawled out of bed and headed down to the post office and bigger than shit there’s a package in there from Glammunition. With a name like that my curiosity was up so when I got home I opened the package straight away and I’ll be damned if there weren’t two ass-kicking collars in there and trust me, these collars were not sissified in any way, shape or form. Matter of fact, those dogs got a collar change right away.
You can see why:






These collars aren’t cheaply made either – solid leather, nice and thick, and strong enough to jerk CharlieGodammit up short at full lunge. Charlie’s collar is a full inch wide and Li’l Lucy’s is 5/8″ wide. The studs on the collar are from once fired ammo, polished and dressed up a little. I wish I could’ve gotten some better pictures of the collars with the dogs wearing them but both of them have more hair than I do.

I went to her website and was surprised to find a whole line of jewelry, everything from earrings to bracelets to rings. Now I know why Angel shops there.

So, be it dog collars or something nice for your sweetie, Glammunition is the place to go.
Here’s the link:

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Shit backfired, didn’t it NYPD?

Following in the successful footprints of #McDStories and #ILoveWalgreens, the New York Police Department created a hashtag to commemorate our love for New York’s finest:

That’s when things went horribly wrong. The Twitter community has been running with #MyNYPD for the past few hours, taking the liberty to share their own endearing photos:



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An Easter the kiddies will never forget

(UPI) — The Dye family of New Jersey had their Easter egg hunt interrupted Sunday when a skydiver fell out of the sky in a fatal accident in Washington Township.
The diver, 49-year-old Arkady Shenker, jumped out of a plane operated by Freefall Adventures Skydiving School. He was wearing a special “wing suit” that may not have worked correctly. According to the school’s website, their divers jump from 13,500 feet.
The Dyes were having their annual hunt when they saw the skydiver having problems.
“I saw the jumpers. Then I noticed one, and he kind of looked like he was conscious. He was just spinning,” Annie Marie Dye told 6ABC.

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