Some people’s kinks…

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Oughta work

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PyschoChicks – We’ve all had ’em

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You wanna talk about Service Dogs?

A 7-year-old Alaskan husky named Nanook is being credited with helping rescue a cold, injured hiker Wednesday night in the Eagle River Valley.

“He’s Alaska’s version of Lassie,” said Lt. Eric Olsen with the Alaska State Troopers.

According to Olsen, a trooper helicopter was launched shortly after 6:15 p.m. Wednesday when the agency received a report that an emergency locator beacon had been activated near Eagle River along the Crow Pass Trail. When Olsen and pilot Tab Burnett arrived, they found a wet and injured Amelia Milling alongside the river accompanied by a white dog. Both were airlifted to Anchorage, where Milling, 21, was treated for bumps and bruises and released.

Olsen said Milling told them that, after sustaining injuries a day earlier, she had fallen while trying to cross Eagle River. That was when Nanook sprang into action, helping pull her from the glacier-fed river, which is typically between thigh- and waist-deep on most Crow Pass hikers this time of year.

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A San Francisco woman who allegedly called the police on an 8-year-old girl for selling water outside AT&T Park is causing a stir on Twitter, where she is being identified as #PermitPatty.

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Wakey Wakey, Hands Off Snakey!!!

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For me but not for thee

APRIL 30–Here in New York City, it seems that every celebrity–from Howard Stern to Steven Tyler–has been granted a license to carry a concealed weapon. But in northern California, it’s the rare Bay Area resident who qualifies to pack a gat. One guy who has passed muster is peacenik actor Sean Penn, who was granted a carry permit last year by the Ross Police Department.

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Another reason I’m glad I left

You never see this shit around here. In my part of Tennessee, people start merging over as soon as they see the signs 2 miles out.

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Sorry ’bout that

The final moments of a YouTuber’s life before he was shot dead by his girlfriend in an ill-advised stunt have been revealed.

Prosecutors in Norman County, Minnesota on Friday released video and transcripts from the fateful final video of Pedro Ruiz, 22, and his then-pregnant girlfriend Monalisa Perez, 20.

‘I can’t do it, babe. I’m so scared,’ Perez told her boyfriend in the transcript from the June 2017 video, as she wielded a .50-caliber Desert Eagle – one of the most powerful handguns in the world.

‘As long as you hit the book, you’ll be fine. Come on,’ Ruiz responded, holding a hardcover encyclopedia to his chest.
-Jack Russell

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Dude fucked around and found out

A woman stabbed a stranger on the head with her high heel shoe when a squabble on a subway car turned violent, cops said.

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Going to the Walmart to die

MELBOURNE, Fla. — Peter Unger traveled the world, first in the Navy at the tail end of the Korean War and then as a free spirit searching the ancient paths of India for life’s sacred meaning.

Toward the end of his life Unger, sporting a flowing white beard and well-off financially thanks to his handcrafted jewelry business, sought sanctuary in the idea of living simply.

But in a twist of fate, the 85-year-old who shunned worldly cares was found dead May 7, alone in a nondescript white Ford van that sat parked undisturbed for days at a Walmart, a retail giant seen by many as America’s temple of commerce and materialism.

Unger was among the growing number of people around the country who drew their last breaths in Walmart parking lots.

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Fuck that

Recent development of miniature, mechanically robust radio-frequency-identification (RFID) tags provides the means of tracking firearms and their receivers in difficult environments. To demonstrate this new capability, small RFID tags will be used to track the lower receivers in AR-15 family firearms for smart gun applications.
-John Deaux

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Party on

A motorist who blew a reading more than SIX TIMES the drink driving limit has been arrested by traffic cops.

Officers said the “staggering” reading of 223 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath was made after a vehicle was stopped in the eastern division of the region – which encompasses Wrexham and Flintshire .

On Twitter, the force’s roads policing unit said: “Our eastern team are currently dealing with (a suspected) drink driver who has provided a staggering roadside reading of 223! that is not a typo…223!

“I think that may be the highest yet (The legal limit is 35).”

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I Hope God Blessed This Child

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Good Morning from Florida!

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Your Monday Morning Florida News

A Florida man thought some of the naked children in the photos on his laptop were 10 years old, but said he thought the photos were legal.

That’s according to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office detectives who arrested 63-year-old Luis Idarraga at his Vero Beach home on Tuesday. Idarraga posted $50,000 bond Wednesday after being charged with 20 counts of child pornography possession.

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Right on

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Chicago Police are corrupt? Nooo…..

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Police say woman smashed windows at weapons store

COTTAGE GROVE — A woman who recently moved from Portland has been charged after allegedly smashing the windows of a controversial weapons store in Cottage Grove that is run by the family of a man convicted of a hate crime.

Laura Todd Rose, 31, was charged this week with one count of felony first-degree criminal mischief. She is accused of using an 8-foot flag pole to smash three windows at Wolfclan Armory around 5 p.m. Monday.

She then walked across the street from the business, sat down and waited for police officers to come, Cottage Grove police Capt. Doug Skaggs said.

“She didn’t tell us a whole lot, but she did say she did it and was willing to accept the consequences,” Skaggs said. “She had just moved here and had heard about this place, and didn’t think law enforcement was doing enough, so she decided to take matters into her own hands.”
Oregon Cacher


If I was the judge I’d sentence her to 1000 hours community service – sweeping the sidewalk in front of the store over and over and over again.
Accept those consequences, bitch.

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The line forms here, guys


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