Bacon, Sausage, Ham, Eggs and MPD.

Tomorrow’s Miss Lisa’s birthday so her sister and family took us both out to breakfast this morning and we went to The Old Mill in Modesto which sits just catty-corner from Modesto police department. It’s a great breakfast and lunch diner.
Now me and Lisa go to The Old Mill all the time, I’ve been eating there myself what, 30 years? even when it was at the old location and while the small parking lot is always kinda crowded, I’ve always been able to find a spot but this time I had to drop her at the door and try to find parking on the street. I ended up parking behind MPD’s impound lot about a block away.
As I jump out of the truck and start to cross the street, a cop in civilian clothes and his wife/gf are headed to their car next to the truck and the cop looks at me and tells me “Hey, you’re jaywalking.”
Big fucking deal. I looked both ways. “So write me a fucking ticket” I hollered over my shoulder and headed towards my bacon and ham and sausage and eggs. When I get to the restaurant and walking towards the table in the very back where everybody was at I was checking motherfuckers out and holy shit, the place was loaded with off-duty cops and their families.
After I sat down and got all the hey-how-ya-doings out of the way I leaned over to my brother-in-law Dusty and said “Hey man, I’m really uncomfortable with all these fucking cops in here” and he says “What cops?”
I started laughing. “The two behind me, the one to your left, the one in that booth, and then the 4 or 5 in the main dining room.”
He started checking them out and the way they were dressed and went “Oh yeah, huh?”

It was a good time though. We had a nice breakfast and a great visit, and when I walked back to get the truck I made sure I crossed E street diagonally after making sure there were no vehicles on the road, taking the whole half block from the diner to the corner to do it burpin’ and fartin’ the whole way. And there wasn’t even a ticket on my windshield when I got there.

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I feel ya, man


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Smart man


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Jim Miller – The Young Adult Years


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God better make that hole a little bigger, I’ve got a dozen or more waiting on me.

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Preconceived Notions: “The Bugout”

When I was new to Survivalism, I believed that “The Bugout” was the only way to go. I have had a backpack ready to go since I was twelve, and the only things that have really changed were techniques of how I’d “Bugout”, and where “Bugout” it stands in the order of precedence. I use P.A.C.E. planning in all activities related to survival. It was something I was taught when I first went into the military, and continue to this day. “P” is primary, “A” is alternate, “C” is contingency, “E” is emergent or emergency.

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Classy, Kerodin, Classy.

Dunning a man for quitting the IIIPS BEFORE we started all this shit.
Are you really that desperate for money?
From wishinwewuzfishinJames N Q8:

MAN! Now I’ve seen it all!
I opted out of the III PS back in May. Now, I’m getting a DUN for the monthly dues that I stopped paying.
Outstanding balance:
$10.00 USD

Payment method:
MasterCard Credit Card XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-7460

III Percent Society for America

Colonial Monthly Payment Plan

Automatic payment ID:

Customer Service URL:

Automatic payment details

Amount to be paid each time:
$10.00 USD

Billing cycle:

Payments start:
Dec 23, 2014

Pay with money from:
MasterCard Credit Card XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-7460

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Angel, Angel, Angel…..


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It’ll fit


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You surely didn’t expect him to leave ’em hanging…


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Meanwhile, in Oklahoma…..


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Your Good Morning Girls


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You bet


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Big Brown delivers

big brown delivers

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Coming soon to Saint Maries, Idaho


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I’m alive. Barely.

Man, what a fucked up day.
My dogs, both of them, have decided a couple weeks ago that now they have to outside at 3:30 in the morning. I get up at 4:30. So at 3:30 now, Legal Lucy is bouncing up and down on my chest licking the inside of my fucking nose and CharlieGodammit is woofing me 3 inches from my ear, so I stumble out of bed and let them out the back door and crawl back in bed where I doze fitfully for the next hour until my alarm goes off, then I feed them and let them back in.
This morning I woke up at 2:15 to piss and it was my turn. I kicked them both from a sound sleep and threw them in the backyard so they can wait two hours before I fed them. Serves the fuckers right. So I went back to bed ready for another two solid hours of sleep and….. laid there wide awake. I finally said fuck it and got up at 3:30 and read until I left for work.
I was fucking exhausted all day. You know those 5 hour energy shots? I drank 5 of them throughout the day. Didn’t help. What gets me though, is if I don’t go to bed and I’m busy, I generally catch my second wind after about 20 hours and can go another 12 or so. Hell, my normal Saturdays start at 4:30 AM and run to about 2 or 3 Sunday morning, and that’s after working all day, then I grab 6 or 7 hours of sleep and I’m up again.
But you know what really pissed me off about those fucking dogs? They only do it on mornings I have to work.

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Light posting today

Hey folks, Sorry for lack of postings today but I had a fucked up day at work Friday and when I got home I didn’t feel like doing shit.
I’ll post tonight when I get in from work.
I did post your Good Morning Girl for you though.

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Not a good selling point, bro

not a good selling point

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Sammy’s amphibious assault craft


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That’ll do it



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Hey Sammy? You ready for some company???

People ask me all the time—how do I know if my town is targeted? I tell them, sorry, you will get no public announcement until plans are well underway, but if you watch very closely, you may see something that will tip you off!

Back in August we asked if St. Maries, Idaho was going to be a new resettlement site. Now, reader Barbara directs our attention to this tiny mention in a local church bulletin (Grace Bible Church, September 27 bulletin).

This is likely all the notice the communities near Coeur d’Alene will get (St. Marie’s is close by) and they wouldn’t even get this if Barbara hadn’t spotted it!


World Relief has been helping refugees settle in Spokane and would like to involve Coeur d’Alene as well. If you are interested in learning more about how you could be involved in such a ministry, please see Paul. Thanks!

Regular readers know that it is World Relief (Evangelicals!), one of nine major federal contractors calling the shots about the future of your towns and cities (see here), that opened an office in Spartanburg, SC this year which is embroiled in controversy since a ‘Pocket of Resistance’ has developed there.


Fucking Kerodin can’t catch a break. This shit has me rolling on the fucking ground. As much as he hates muslims??? I mean, that’s the reason he changed his name from Hyman to the more manly Kerodin, wasn’t it?
Oh shit, I need some water….. Dotacion, thanks for that bit of news, you made my fucking day, man.

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Your Good Morning Girl


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Playing hard to get, Abduhl?


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car gif

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Titties – because it’s Friday


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