Bundy protesters Fostered?

2 militia members who protested at the Bundy ranch are dead, one from a hunting accident and the cause of the other death is ‘undetermined’, according to former state trooper and whisteblower, Greg Evensen.
Sent in by livin to ride

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Another “Aw Fuck” moment in time

aw fuck

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Wirecutter – The Early Years


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Aw, welcome to our world!!!

NEW YORK — Revelations over the past few years about how U.S. security officials have the ability to track people through phone, email and other electronic records are making it harder for journalists to report on what the government is doing, two human rights groups say.

Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union said in a report issued Monday that access to data as detailed in leaks by former National Security Agency systems analyst Edward Snowden, coupled with the Obama administration’s prosecution of people for leaking classified information, is having a chilling effect on reporters.

Nothing from the left when it’s out 2A Rights being fucked with, but let their Civil Rights be affected…

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There is hope…..

Woody saw this bumper hitch cover on a Jeep at the Tractor Supply just north of here.


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Gotta be California (again)


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Now, how can she refuse? Good thinking, man.

Go for it

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I’m thinking the divorce wasn’t exactly amicable


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Step back and slam him in the balls

Handful of balls

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Guess which girl will never drown


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The child we never heard about

Looks just like her, too.


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Couldn’t live here. I bet the coyote hunting sucks

no coyotes

But here? Fuck. Yes. This motherfucker is loaded with coyotes.


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And I worry about bedbugs?

Stunning news this morning out of New Jersey, as reports of police discovering the body of a young woman under a motel bed have been confirmed. The owners of the motel asked that their name and location be omitted from news reports to protect their business.

The body, which has yet to be identified, was found by a person staying in the room.

“I dropped the television remote, and when I went to check under the bed I found her. It was like something out of a scary movie,” said Aaron Silver, the man staying in the room.

According to initial reports by the medical examiner on-scene, it appears as though the body lay undisturbed in the room for about 5 years. There was a normal amount of rot and decay on the body to suggest that it had not been moved or touched over the course of that time.

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Last night after I finally got home I checked the stats on this site and saw that a post I did about Chelsea’s baby bump was one of the top post for the day. Huh? What the fuck? Then, checking it out a little further I saw it was referred by a site called crasstalk.com. Yup, I clicked on the link – and damned near died laughing. Here’s what I saw in the comments:
A cretin. I’ve been called a lot of shit before but that was a new one for me, at least as far as I know. Hell, I didn’t even know that people actually used the word cretin. But then I started thinking about it and read more of the comments.
This site is full of rich snotty people. Uppity motherfuckers, female as far as I can tell. Housewives of Wherever material. The kind of people that throw parties when there ain’t nothing to celebrate so they can talk shit about each other behind their backs. The kind of women who’s ‘men’ own more cosmetics than they do. The kind of women that got rebuilt titties, hell, their entire bodies are probably bought and paid for.
Cretin. Sheeit, I was called worse than that before 6 AM Saturday morning.
So I posted a good humored reply back and saw that Angel (I emailed her the link so she’d have a new name to call me) had been there too. Angel wasn’t being good humored at all. In fact, she was downright cranky.


You know what the funny part is? I bet I pick up more than a couple regular readers from the referring site that deep down inside realize that I was right about their men.

Here’s the link if you want to go see for yourself. The link to Chelsea’s baby bump post can be found there as well.

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Yeah, I don’t know either…..


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Taken from the wrong lane AND direction.


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My schedule is full


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Wirecutter – The Early Years


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The State of the III Percent

You may wonder at times what the actual state of the III percent movement is. Are we everywhere? How many of us are there actually out there? It is lucky for you that I have already done the legwork for you on this one.
Let me start by saying this: Over the past two years the numbers of our movement have increased exponentially. How would I know that? You might ask.( Yeah, or more likely not) But read on and I will tell you anyway.

Great article. You gotta add this site to your favorites and/or blogroll if you haven’t already.

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Whattya know, we were right.

DARBY, PA. — A psychiatrist who was grazed by gunfire from a patient at a hospital on Thursday helped stop the patient by apparently using his own weapon to shoot and wound him, but not before a caseworker was killed, authorities said.

The patient opened fire after entering the doctor’s office at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital with the caseworker, District Attorney Jack Whelan said. Witnesses reported hearing yelling before the gunshots.

Several hours after the shooting, investigators had only limited information about what happened inside the closed office but believe the psychiatrist, “from all accounts, would have acted in self-defense,” Whelan said.


“Without that firearm, this guy (the patient) could have went out in the hallway and just walked down the offices until he ran out of ammunition,” the chief said.
Excerpted from HERE

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Got Preps?

ASPEN, Colo.—Al Qaeda, nation states, and criminals are preparing for major cyber attacks against U.S. infrastructure that could be comparable to the devastating September 11 attacks on New York and Washington, a senior Justice Department official said on Thursday.

“We’re in a pre-9/11 moment, in some respects, with cyber,” said John Carlin, assistant attorney general for national security in the Justice Department.

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Aaaaaand she votes.

they vote

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Foxgrl? Sounds like Angel to me.

libertarian dragon

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