Who’s yer bitch now, bitch?


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Shake rattle and roll, baby


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Yup, the crazy ex is back in town


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Yeah, I hate pebbles in my tread too


If I see a pebble or piece of gravel in my tire I cannot walk past it – I have to pick that shit out.

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Yet another use


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When you’re not licensed to pull doubles…


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Names when commenting

Folks, when you comment there’s a place on the form that requests your name. Please do not use your full name there – use an alias, comment as anon, use just your first name or your first name and the initial of your last name.
The reason I’m asking you to do this is pretty innocent – employers are increasingly using the internet to check prospective applicants and I’d hate for somebody to lose a chance at a job because they commented here – or even worse, lose a chance at a job because somebody else with the same name made a comment.

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I know, it’s a sad, sad day


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Angel wuz here


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…or 1700 starving Ethiopians


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Bubba Level 4.8


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Bubba Level 5.0

DSCN1370 (2)

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Straight up White Trash, God Bless ’em


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Resting in peace

.resting in peace - Copy

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Always a thrilling sound

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Milfy Titty Tuesday




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Memorial Day

Florida National Cemetery, Headstones, sunset

I’m taking the day off today in remembrance of our War Dead and MIA.
May they finally be at Peace.

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Choosing Your Survivalist Weapons Battery

As a kid, I had a serious addiction to anything “Weapon”. When it came to weapons, I was most enamored with firearms of every caliber, shape, and purpose. I bought the book “Small Arms Of The World” at 12 years of age, and the rest is as they say, history. I have been involved in the firearms world since I was about 6 years old, but I started serious study when I was about 11 (the reason behind purchasing the book). I have read a number of well known and obscure books on the topic of firearms, but the majority of those books was geared towards firearms for defense and survival/hunting.

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When you hire Illegal immigrant labor

.make it work

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So this is what Heaven looks like, huh?

Or hell, if they’re empty.

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