Barbed wire and skulls….. sigh…..

Angel wcgrill


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So you wanna fuck around, huh?


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In a bizarre story a woman who was defending herself shot a thug who attempted to rob her home. You will never believe what the thug’s family had to say about his crime.

In Miami, a homeowner used her Second Amendment rights and fatally shot a man who was robbing her home. Now, police are siding with the homeowner who was just defending her dwelling, as is her right, but the thug’s family is furious.

Trevon Johnson, 17, robbed the woman’s house, and it was the last thing he will ever do, as a confrontation ensued and he was shot and killed during the robbery attempt. Johnson’s family is speaking out against the homeowner for killing their relative — and what they said is absurd.

“You have to look at it from every child’s point of view that was raised in the hood. You have to understand, how he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at it from his point of view,” Nautika Harris, Johnson’s cousin stated.

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And while WiscoDave is feeding the livestock…


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2016 Twister Champion


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Angel the Aggie was here

Angel woody

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Doggy hugs

If you have an Internet connection, you’ve probably read at least one article in the past few days claiming that science has shown that dogs hate being hugged. We at are not here to argue that you should go squeeze the life out of a puppy. But we are here to squeeze the life out of this misleading science coverage.

According to numerous outlets, a scientific study has found that the majority of dogs dislike being hugged, based on cues of distress found in a random assortment of photos pulled from the Internet.

The problem is that what’s being reported as a study is, in fact, an op-ed written in the magazine Psychology Today by a single researcher.


I don’t know about your dogs, but if I hug CharlieGodammit or Legal Lucy they immediately lean into me and start nuzzling me. When I let go, they damned near climb into my lap wanting more.
I’m pretty sure they like it.

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Uh, what about the wall on the border?

The U.S. Secret Service plans to raise the height of the White House security fence by 5 feet and add a new concrete foundation to reduce the risk of fence-jumpers, according to a copy of an agency report obtained by the News4 I-Team.
The agency, along with the National Park Service, said it intends to begin building a “taller, stronger” fence to protect the White House grounds by 2018.

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Poor babies

A Norwegian zoo has provoked parents’ fury after feeding a whole dead zebra to its tigers in full view of visitors.
The beheaded carcass of the zebra was place in the tiger enclosure at Kristiansand Dyrepark, which is Norway’s most visited attraction.
Officials at Kristiansand Dyrepark have admitted that the healthy zebra had been put down and fed to the tigers because the zoo because they had too many of them.

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More lies and bullshit from Sammy

Regarding his blog hits – he doesn’t have a counter on his site, instead he posts his page views and hits in his side bar, something he updates manually so there’s no way to verify them. Or is there?

Actually there is. Jay from Eatgrueldog sent me an independent link showing Sammy’s actual stats, then I added my own blog for comparison. It appears that not only is Sammy a fucking liar but it shows his hits are so damned low that he might as well quit wasting his time. What few visitors he does have spend an average of 39 seconds on his site. He’s had a total of 6.2 thousand hits in this past month and they only average 1.35 pages per visit.
Shit, to hear him tell it he’s a fucking powerhouse.
Sorry Sammy, but facts are facts. You deal in straight up fiction, lies and bullshit and that was just now proven again.

Sammy’s stats are the ones in blue, mine are in gold.


But don’t take my word for it. Go HERE and see for yourself.

BUT WAIT!!! There’s more!
When I entered the III Percent Society page I got this:


HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! There’s so few hits on the IIIPS page that it doesn’t even register!!!!!! Again, don’t take my word for it, the link is HERE.
So basically the IIIPS, the organization that Sammy’s trying to raise $10,000 for to send a ‘delegation’ to the RNC, no longer exists.
In other words, Sammy’s trying to raise money to pay his fucking personal bills. Another scam, plain and simple. BAD SAMMY!!! BAD, BAD, BAD PUPPY!!!

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Concerning my departure for Tennessee…..

Oh wait. Maybe I should’ve titled that ‘Concerning my arrival in Tennessee’. My bad.
We’re here. We left California on the 21st and got here about 6 PM on Wednesday the 27th.

I did it without telling y’all because of Sammy – there’s no doubt in my mind had I announced my departure, he would’ve called every fucking police agency between California and here and told them to be on the lookout for an armed and dangerous drug mule driving a blue F-150 California license plate 06xxxxx.
Think I’m being paranoid? This is the li’l bitch that posed as a reporter and called JC Dodge’s bosses and told them he was running a racist paramilitary website and business HERE. This is the li’l faggot that tried to have my guns seized by having his fucking thing (for lack of a better word) file a restraining order against me and then tried to ambush me in court with racist allegations HERE. And this is the li’l runt that said that anything was permissible as paybacks and ‘nothing was out-of-bounds’ because we fucked up his income HERE.
Naw, I wasn’t being paranoid.

I did fuck with Sammy about my (California) non-compliant carbine – I wrote the post several weeks ago and scheduled it for 2 days after my planned departure date just so he’d look like a horse’s ass when he called the cops to turn me in for it and they went out and found an empty house. Fuck you Sammy, ya little snitch.


But it was a great trip. We took our sweet-ass time traveling, no more than 9-10 hours a day with a 3 night layover in Amarillo so Angel and Miss Lisa could visit and shop and we could visit with her folks. Speaking of which, I think her parents want to adopt us which is fine with us because I absolutely love her parents. I have never met a nicer pair of folks in my life. They welcomed us into their home and their lives without question.
I’ll be posting pictures of our visit at a later time although I’m pretty sure Angel and Miss Lisa will beat me to it.

Some observations about our trip:
Once we got out of California I discovered that everybody else in the country knows how to drive.
Drug interdiction stops – I saw a total of 13 cops the entire trip and 5 of them were in Tennessee. Not one gave my truck with California plates a second glance.
America lives on Subway sandwiches – every fucking exit and truck stop has a Subway sandwich shop.
Texas is doing something right – no matter where we went in Texas, all the help spoke English with a Texas accent, even the hotel we stayed at had Americans working in housekeeping. I saw no illegals at all.
And finally….. I swore I was going to uncase my guns, load my pistol and strap it to my hip the first chance I got after crossing into Arizona for no other reason than I could. But I didn’t. Why? Because I didn’t feel a need to – once I got out of California everybody was genuinely friendly. Seriously – I couldn’t get out of the truck without somebody smiling at me and asking how I was doing – and these were total strangers.

All in all it was a very enjoyable trip. Hell, we even beat that fucking storm that beat the shit out of the midwest the other day.
But let me tell you what – we got caught up in a rain storm between Memphis and Nashville that was so bad that even with my wipers set on Haulin’ Ass, I had to slow down to 35 mph and could still barely see the lines on the road. I have never seen it rain so hard in my life – hell, it probably equaled California’s total annual rainfall.

But we made it and we’re here.

Ah, what the fuck. Angel sent me a cool picture of me standing on a piece of farming equipment that I figure you might enjoy.


But before I finish this post, I want to publicly thank Angel for all that she did to make our trip easier – planning it, booking our rooms, introducing us to her parents and finally, just being mine and Lisa’s friend. Both Lisa and I were sad to have to say goodbye to her when we left. She truly is an Angel.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot – I did ride as a passenger in her vehicle and we didn’t get into a single accident. God does answer prayers.

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Targets of opportunity


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Your Good Morning Girl


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Wait for it…..


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The lioness

Grandpa sent me an email not too long ago and he brought up something (just in passing, really) that I can’t get out of my head and every time I think about it, whenever I pass a theater or a nice restaurant or another big city amenity, I just bust out laughing because it’s just so… so… dead on, you know?


I bet Nervous Holly is a bear (excuse me, lioness) to have lived with for the past year.
I mean, she’s a city girl, lived in big cities all her life, and is schooled in the arts (how fucking liberal is that?) or so Sammy claims but who can believe a fucking word he says anymore?
She’s used to going to dance recitals and theaters and eating in fancy sit down restaurants and acting like she is somebody and then Sammy hauled her ass to St Maries Idaho, population 2400 and shrinking, where the fanciest eatery is probably Denny’s and the only dancing in town is at the local bar between fights.
Not only that, but according to the 2013 census and reports (read all about St Maries HERE) there are only 3 black people in the entire town – 4 now.

There’s 4 times as many asians as there are black folks!
Again, using, only 13.4% percent of the population have a bachelor’s degree and I’d imagine those 12 asians account for a nice piece of that (sorry, I couldn’t resist it) which means basically she’s stuck in a town of knuckledraggers.
She is completely out of her element.

I’m not going to say I feel sorry for Sammy but let me tell you what – I’ve seen/heard her in court when she testified at the restraining order hearing that she filed against me and the woman is….. fucking shrill. Shrill describes it to a T. The funniest part of that hearing was when she pointed at me and screeched “I am in fear of my life from that man!!!” Seriously.
I could not imagine having to put up with that 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Poor Sammy.


Now Sammy, this is directed to you before you start acting all indignant because I ‘brought’ your wife into this.
My wife did nothing to you. She wasn’t even involved yet you started trashing her. You’re a cocksucker for doing that and I will never forget that.

Your wife, on the other hand got involved the moment she signed her name on that application for a restraining order. You got your wife involved. Yes, you did. You brought it on her, yet you claimed on your blog that you moved her out there to protect her? That was how you protected her, by hiding behind her or using her as a tool?
What kind of a fucking husband are you?

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I feel ya, bro


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We’re fucked now


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How the fuck did he do that?


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