At least it’s got a low center of gravity

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Spencer speech in Gainesville booed

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Students and other audience members heavily booed white nationalist Richard Spencer on Thursday as he gave a speech at the University of Florida, where the atmosphere was tense but mostly peaceful as police in riot gear kept watch.


Like him or not, the man still has a Right to free speech here in the US. Attempting to deprive him of that Right is reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

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Legalized prostitution in California?

Advocates of legalized prostitution took their challenge to California’s 145-year-old ban on commercial sex before a federal appeals court Thursday and appeared to get a hint that they’ll have another chance to show why the law should be cast aside.
The case was brought by three former prostitutes, a would-be client and the Erotic Service Providers Legal, Educational and Research Project. They contend the law violates the right to engage in consensual sex, as defined by the U.S. Supreme Court in a 2003 ruling overturning criminal laws against gay sexual activity.


I’m not sure how I feel about this.
I grew up where prostitution was legal but heavily regulated by the German government to prevent disease. Prostitution was confined to certain areas, the streetwalkers to the outskirts of town and the house girls were in a whorehouse which were limited to one or two per city. All working girls were registered with the government and had to undergo weekly checkups for sexual diseases and condoms were required.
I had a German Policeman tell me once that while it was legal, it was an embarrassment to the community and it attracted criminal activity, in fact the Red Door in Heilbronn was run by a Turkish crime family that was heavily involved in heroin trafficking.
Just looking at the sexual aspect, I don’t have a problem with it but again, where I grew up and came of age, it was heavily regulated by the government and that I do have a problem with – we’ve got enough government regulation in our lives as it is. Unfortunately you can’t trust the whores to get regular weekly checkups on their own and unlike Germany here in the US disease, drugs, crime and whores go hand in hand.
So what’s the answer?

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No such thing as Death Panels?

Socialized medicine is a wonderful, compassionate system that brings important care to everyone… at least, that’s what leftists in the United States and Europe keep insisting.

As the United Kingdom is finding out, however, everyone is not actually equal under health care socialism. As soon as the system starts running out of other people’s money, people are quickly pushed out… and you’d better hope that you’re not one of the unlucky ones who gets thrown aside!

That’s exactly what happened this week in Britain, as the socialized National Health System announced that patients are being banned from important surgeries if they happen to be a bit overweight or smoke tobacco.

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He’s doing much better today. He still isn’t putting his weight on his leg if he can help it but the swelling is going down and he’s moving around a lot more.

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Guess the race

WARRENVILLE, S.C. — Authorities say they have charged a man with murder after he gave a 3-year-old boy a gun and told him to chase the victim around the yard of a South Carolina home.

Aiken County Sheriff’s Sgt. Stephen Shunn said witnesses told deputies that 24-year-old Timothy Johnson was shot in the chest Tuesday afternoon after the gun fired while the child was carrying it outside a home in Warrenville.

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Morning, Luis

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I don’t know why I was thinking Oklahoma…..

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Just so ya know

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This will fuck up somebody’s day at the fair for sure

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Yeah, we really don’t care, ladies

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Not a good thing here, people

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has seen its influence and power expand under President Trump, whose efforts to bolster border security and crack down on illegal immigration have run through the youngest federal department.

Homeland Security, established just 15 years ago after the Sept. 11 attacks, has enjoyed greater visibility and influence as Trump has pledged to establish “law and order” and build a wall at the southern border.


If DHS’s power had been expanded like this under a liberal president, we would be throwing fits about it. But with a conservative president it’s all right?

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What a cute pup

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Dude. Man the fuck up.

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Just when he thought he got away with it

An Airman who disappeared from an Air Force Base in North Dakota 40 years ago is in custody of the U.S. Air Force after he was discovered last week living in Florida.

Jeffrey Michels, 64, was arrested Thursday on charges of desertion after he failed to report for duty at North Dakota’s Minot Air Force Base on July 6, 1977, WFTV reported.

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This is news?

Dogs really do put on their puppy eyes to pull on our emotional heartstrings, new research has found.
Experts found that pet pooches raise their brows when they are being looked at, making their eyes look bigger, as well as pulling a number of other expressions.
Our manipulative four legged friends do not respond with more facial expressions upon seeing tasty food, however.
This suggests that they change facial expressions to communicate and not just because they are excited.


Who in the hell does these studies, a bunch of non dog owning motherfuckers?
Me and Lisa can walk into a room where CGD is and get 2 different facial expressions and body language. She walks in and she gets ears up and full attention, but if I walk in his ears go down, his brow comes up, tail wags and then he rolls over saying “Here, rub my nonads, bitch.”
We treat him differently and he treats us differently.

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Beware the dreaded rolling pin

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And people laugh at because I wash my hands after handling my birds…..

DES MOINES, Iowa — Luke Gabriele was a healthy 14-year-old football player in Pennsylvania when he began to feel soreness in his chest that grew increasingly painful. When his breathing became difficult, doctors detected a mass that appeared to be a tumor.

For a week, Dan and DeAnna Gabriele thought their son was dying until tests identified the cause: not cancer, but chickens — the ones he cared for at home. They had apparently infected him with salmonella that produced a severe abscess.

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Literally, a one legged man in an ass-kicking contest…..

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CharlieGodammit update

He’s showing a little improvement.
He still doesn’t want to put his weight on his right front foot and there is some swelling but he doesn’t appear to be in pain. Obviously there is some tenderness because he does growl at me when I rub it but it can’t be too bad because he hasn’t bitten the fuck out of me yet.
I don’t know just how much the fucker is faking it seeing as I’m pretty much waiting on him hand and foot – he’s got his water dish right next to his white rug that he lays on, I brought his food to him yesterday and today, he’s got bones and treats and a hard boiled egg this afternoon. Hell, I even offered to hold him up while he takes a shit if he needed me too.
He may have broken a bone in his foot, but nothing is out of place if you know what I mean.
I may be being played here, I don’t know.

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