Now they really don’t need to chip your kid

Parents in Polk County, Florida are outraged after learning that students in area schools had their irises scanned as part of a new security program without obtaining proper permission.

Students at three facilities — an elementary school, a grade school and a high school — had their eyeballs scanned earlier this month as part of a ‘student safety’ pilot program being carried out by Stanley Convergent Security Solutions.

“It simply takes a picture of the iris, which is unique to every individual,” Rob Davis, the school board’s senior director of support services, wrote home to parents in a letter dated May 23. “With this program, we will be able to identify when and where a student gets on the bus, when they arrive at their school location, when and what bus the student boards and disembarks in the afternoon. This is an effort to further enhance the safety of our students.The EyeSwipe-Nano is an ideal replacement for the card based system since your child will not have to be responsible for carrying an identification card,” he added.

Parents at Daniel Jenkins Academy, Bephune Academy and the Davenport School of the Arts received the letter from the school board on May 24 informing them of the EyeSwipe-Nano program and that their child’s principal should be notified if they don’t want their son or daughter to participate.

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10 Responses to Now they really don’t need to chip your kid

  1. Yeah, no. I’m home schooling.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Good for you.
      I can remember a time when I thought people that were big advocates of home schooling were just a little off center, but now I understand completely. If I had kids, there would be no way in hell would they ever step foot in a public school.

  2. da_truth36 says:

    Notice how biometric scanning and RFID transmitter programs usually start with children, pets and prisoners, the ones that can’t speak out about the illegality of it all? Then the politicians will trumpet the resounding success of these programs and the next thing you know these programs will be law. Fuck not only Obama, but his entire administration, Congress and the whole Judiciary.

  3. hiswiserangel says:

    The school system is not entirely broken, but it is seriously bent. If you can’t homeschool, your job is advocate. You need to be so much a part of that school that the principal whimpers when he sees you in the hallways.

    The girls, however, would have dismantled anyone who tried to scan their eyes. Hypersensitivity to touch and light would have made that unbearable for them.

  4. QuietMan says:

    What ever happened to calling roll?

  5. Concerned Mama says:

    Yet another reason on the growing list of why I homeschool. They’re trying to drive a wedge between parents and children, not to mention telling parents they can do the parenting job better.

  6. orbitup says:

    “your child will not have to be responsible for carrying an identification card”

    Yeah, we don’t need to teach kids responsibility…

  7. Sara says:

    That is some fucked up shit right there.

  8. pdwalker says:

    The progressive goal is to get ’em when they are young. Condition them early enough, educate them properly, and they are your little progressives for life.

    hiswiserangel says:
    The school system is not entirely broken,

    Yes, yes it is. By design.

    Homeschool. It’s the only way out.

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