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Somebody lost their job at the Daily. Well worth it, though.

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Mommy must’ve been hot

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You snooze you lose, pooch

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In case you haven’t been there lately….. 80% Lowers

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Damn. Healthy lungs.

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Fucking smartass chinamen

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Body damage? Nah……

  While you’re checking out her ass, the insurance adjuster is peering down her shirt.

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Really? REALLY??

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islam’s first attempt at a sci-fi sex flick

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Quick, somebody run up and kick it.


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See, that’s my line of thinking too.

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Meals on wheels


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Good news, men.

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Men who are bashful about needing help in the bedroom no longer have to go to the drugstore to buy that little blue pill. In a first for the drug industry, Pfizer Inc. told The Associated … Continue reading

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DHS teaching kids to go to FEMA camps in a time of crisis

by Cassius Methyl FEMA , the Red Cross, and the department of homeland security are now using taxpayer money to educate children in public schools about ‘getting ready for disaster’. But why would government agencies hold interest in this? Is … Continue reading

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Adam Kokesh – Obama supporter

Remember the guy, Adam Kokesh, that’s planning an armed march on DC on the 4th of July? Wanna guess who one of his previous employers was? This is from Lady Patriots: It used to be said a picture what worth … Continue reading

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Check your article layout before publishing, yeah?

From WiscoDave:

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Bacon. Mmmmm, bacon…..

From Stretch:

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Combining PT with a demo

Y’all have seen the comedy of the closing of the border between India and Pakistan, and now Sarthurk sent in this video of an artillery demonstration by the Indian army.

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Typical politician

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry straddled the diplomatic boundary this weekend between presenting the best face of America and a misleading one. In a question-and-answer session with young Ethiopians on Sunday, Kerry exaggerated the … Continue reading

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Reassembly tips for the Ruger Mk II & III

From RDM73: I own a Mk II and the first thing I did with it when I got it home was take it completely apart. The second thing I did with it was take back to the gunshop in pieces … Continue reading

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