Talk about a bunch of Okies


That would be my Aunt Linda, Mom, Pops and Cousin Eugene, probably about 1966 right after Pop’s first tour with the Cav. I’m judging the date by the fact their all drinking Oly and the only time I can remember Pops drinking that was when he was stationed at Ft. Lewis. Uncle Ed and Aunt Linda must’ve drove up with Cousin Eugene to visit and maybe get in some hunting or fishing.
Notice that Pops is the only one not smiling? I guess I take that from him.

Stole this from Mom’s FB page.

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8 Responses to Talk about a bunch of Okies

  1. Dapandico says:

    Haven’t seen an Oly can in years

  2. Scott Wolfe says:

    Brings back some memories from 2 tours at Ft. Lewis!

  3. hiswiserangel says:

    Your mom is beautiful!!! Dad’s very dashing too, even with the Lane Scowl.

  4. steve tompkins says:

    I drank Olympia when I lived in Utah, 1976. I don’t think its made anymore.

  5. Cheezy says:

    “It’s the water.”

  6. wildsky says:

    Oly from Olympia WA. used to be very popular not the brewery is closed.

  7. Edward Teach says:

    You might appreciate this Canadian Club ad from a few years back. Your pic reminded me of it.

  8. Scooter says:

    Cool Pic!! pops always told us if we didn’t behave he would make us move to Oklahoma :)

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