They’re dead to me. Dead, I say.

Angel and WiscoDave – Banned. Banned for life. Yup. Uh-huh. Life. For-fucking-ever.
But why, you ask? I’ll tell you why, godammit. I’ve been ridiculed enough by those two conniving scoundrels and the latest one today was the last straw.
It was that bad. Don’t believe me? Go HERE and see for yourself.

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21 Responses to They’re dead to me. Dead, I say.

  1. steve says:

    Pretty in pink. Heh.

  2. hiswiserangel says:

    But you love me, I was led astray, the sun was in my eyes, it was the heat, it was PMS, you told me to get creative, Wisco had compromising pics, and last but not least, I’ll make you oatmeal-raisin-bacon cookies for the rest of my life.

  3. Sara says:

    Do a little dance.. Make a little love… Get down tonight!
    So, all these years in Cali have finally broken you down, eh?

  4. Catfishbrody says:

    Now WC, It’s not Wisco’s fault. I’m sure he was mesmerized by a sexy sweet talking redhead from TX. Those women can talk a man into doing anything I tell you! Their just chalk full of them there feminine wiles! LMAO Besides you look pretty dam sexy!

  5. John West says:

    First rule of show biz Wire Cutter … and you are indeed in show biz … is to ‘never let ’em see you sweat’.

    Just ignore those twits, they are in their mom’s basement. They are sending more people to your site. It’s advertising for free.

    You have plenty of fans, a couple of detractors is nothing.

    Chill my man …. winning!

  6. QuietMan says:

    I’m sure Uncle Janet thinks it’s great.

  7. Robert says:

    Dude, jump on that bandwagon!

  8. SanyoSoup says:

    When I saw that, I thought: “Must be California.”

  9. PKN says:

    that is SUCH a pretty blouse on you, where did you get it, I must have one…….

  10. rocky says:

    In a way it’s kind of a back-handed compliment. I mean, just look at the size of that censor strip! If you are into that kind of thing, that is.

    Not judging, just saying….

  11. Doug says:

    Thanks guys, made my morning. You know you are loved, when your friends do that shit to you. Thanks again Wirecutter.

  12. Bryn says:

    So, are you planning to take your modelling career any further? I mean, with Angels talents as your advertising agent, this could really go somewhere….. :-)
    Ah. Facebook. It already has….! Fame at last….!
    /dives into nearest abandoned slate mine, waits for the blast…/

  13. Cheezy says:

    You call that ridicule?
    Gettin’ kinda thin-skinned, are we?
    Chill out, man, it’s only a few days a month…

  14. missred says:


  15. sig94 says:

    So, when you planning to move to San Francisco?

  16. Hacksaw says:

    Oatmeal raisin bacon cookies?????? She’s breaking out the big guns right off the bat.
    Be strong WC!! Face into the wind, keep a stiff upper lip, and pray that the hide on your ass never gets stretched across a banjo .

  17. Chris says:

    I’m a MAAAAN, yes I am, and I can’t help but love me so!

    Rock steady, big guy!

  18. Charles Piette says:

    Put on your big girl panties – well, never mind.

  19. Robbie says:

    Why have you never featured yourself on MILF days?


    Elton John
    c/o The George Michael Memorial Shithouse

    (CHU HOI! CHU HOI! I am a friend, just pulling your chain!)

  20. Leigh says:


    I feel your pain dude.
    I’ll let ya know if I see any of the offending parties hangin’ around these parts.
    At the very least she deserves a hellacious spankin’! If Miss Lisa won’t let you, then I suppose I could be saddled with such an onerous task…. As for the rest of ’em (MissK excluded- I would spank her), you’re just gonna have to feed them to CGD….

    Ya notice Angry Mike is conspicuously quiet?


  21. Leigh says:

    My previous comment got me to thinking, so I paged back a couple of days. This is what I remembered:

    It’s a trick man. She’s trying to get you to “punish” her! Too many clues in her retorts – “borrowing” her fuzzy ‘cuffs, et al…..
    Seems like a lot of work, for something she just could of asked for.
    Don’t ask me how I know such things.

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