No more. I’m done.

Fuck this shit.
Between a sitting President that uses voter fraud and bribery to win an election and the Supreme Court deciding that We, The People are wrong and overturning our fucking decisions, I will never enter a voting booth again.
We, The People decided that same sex marriage will not be tolerated in the state of Kalifornia and the Supremes decided that we don’t know what the fuck we want or what our morals are.
We know, we voted and they overturned OUR decisions.
I’m not going to waste my fucking time anymore.

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  1. hiswiserangel says:

    Between that and Amnesty exempting illegals from the highly unconstitutional Obamacare, yeah, I’m pretty much done. Even the ones who are supposed to be on our side are turning out to be traitors.

  2. Ken says:

    Just for shits and giggles check out Orly Tates site she is trying to get a court case against it. personally I give her credit, she is trying!

  3. Danne says:

    Amen Bro! All voting does anymore is get your name on a list to get you in court as a juror. The way things are going, I don’t wanna be a juror either…..I’ll be damned if I’d convict a brother patriot on ANYTHING, and that’s where most of the court cases are headed. We’re the evil guys now.

  4. Tim says:

    I didn’t vote last time around. The evidence to support my decision keeps piling up. I’ve yet to find evidence to make me reconsider my position.

  5. Vern says:

    Fuck em all.

  6. John Dickson says:

    Same sex marriage? Frankly, I could care less. Heck, let them marry a goat for all I care. With all the other crap that DIRECTLY affects me. What two pervs do in the bedroom, with or without a wedding ring is not even on my list.

    Now if I am forced to watch, THEN we have a major issue. Yuck.

  7. John Dickson says:

    Wait a minute. If we all stop voting, then the gay goats, and miscellaneous other pervs get to elect another Kenyon, or Feinstein, or heaven forbid, BLOOMBERG.

    Yep, I will vote, repeatedly, with many different names, in different states.

    • Wraith says:

      And you think your vote is going to be counted if it puts a Leftist behind?

      That’s so cute…!! :D

  8. Wirecutter says:

    Don’t get me wrong.
    I don’t care what the what the decision was about, it’s the fact that our vote was overturned. It wasn’t a law that was badly written, it was what We, The People wanted.
    Had Prop 51 failed by the ballot and gay marriage was allowed, then all I could do is shrug my shoulders and say “Oh well.” But the majority voted that that marriage should be between a man and a woman. We, The People spoke. Then the Supremes come along and say “Uh-uh. Y’all ain’t thinking right so we’ll overturn it.”
    What Vern Said.

    • John Dickson says:

      Yes, Vern definitely had it right. And yes, I agree with you on the issue of going around the voters. THAT”S why I will vote, and gripe and do my best to be a pain in the ass for every politician.

  9. Rurik says:

    It is called “Internal emigration”. Me too.

  10. Heisenbug says:

    Danne, jury service is vital – we need to get as many conservatives as possible onto juries to nullify bad law (look up “jury nullification”) – it’s one way to destroy unconstitutional law without having to go via SCOTUS (who can no longer be relied upon to do the right thing).

    As for that Kalifailure constitutional thing – yes, they ignored the will of the people, but it’s just another sideshow designed to distract people from what’s being done to them. Not only by all three branches of the Government, but also by the media (who are supposed to hold the government to account). Because if the sheeple wake up, then traitors of all stripes are going to be found hanging from light poles – and those traitors include most of the media. Hell, I’m beginning to think that Obama himself is just another level of distraction to stop you thinking about who’s actually fucking you over – Iran (via Jarrett); the Saudis (who own Zero himself), and of course Soros. Tell me what’s more self-hating, West-hating, and evil than a Hungarian Jew who collaborated with the Nazis?

  11. Snap says:

    I don’t know what the answer is here, but I do know one thing: Just cuz a majority says so, don’t make it right. If a majority of Americans supported banning all guns, suppressing free speech, or administering an annual truth serum session to everybody named Jack, it would still be wrong. Hell, wasn’t that long ago a majority of people in certain areas supported segregation. That was wrong too, and it took a lot of activism and a Supreme Court decision to change it. Admittedly, DOMA wasn’t the same as the 1st, 2nd, and 5th amendments. Like I said, I don’t know the answer, but this sort of thing can cut both ways.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Except that the Right to Free Speech and the Right to Bear Arms are specifically guaranteed by the Constitution – same sex marriage isn’t. The issue wasn’t if We, The People were right or not, it’s what we wanted.
      It doesn’t make a whit of difference if everybody in the entire Nation except me wanted to ban guns, they cannot ban them. That Right is guaranteed.

      • thestarsbegintofall says:

        Precisely. It definitely opens the door to overruling the unconstitutional infringements on the right to bear arms in almost every state; the small shimmer of hope from this ruling.

    • Heisenbug says:

      “Just cuz a majority says so, don’t make it right”

      This is why the Founders created a Republic, rather than a Democracy – the “gridlock” is a feature, not a bug – designed to stymie would-be tyrants. They knew just what a disaster a Democracy would be. This is why the 17th Amendment is a very bad thing and why the Electoral College must be kept (and why Democrats are trying to abolish it).

  12. fuck says:

    I don’t vote because I think it makes any fucking difference, I vote purely to honor those who DIED for my “right” to do so, even though it has now become a meaningless gesture.

    As for serving on a jury, just one word: nullification

  13. Bernie says:

    Worth considering the Law of Unintended Consequences. Now Gay married individuals can go through the sometimes misery of straight marriages. To wit, now when gays break up they will be suing one another for whatever money or assets are available.

    • Heisenbug says:

      Can you imagine the problems divorce court judges are going to have now? They’re going to have to figure out which husband to screw over…

  14. orlin sellers says:

    The root of the problem is that the government, fed, state, local has got no business being involved in marriage, or anything else two people voluntarily decide to do through a mutual contract. I would also add, it is none of my damn business, either.

  15. John West says:

    I quite voting this year as well. There is so little difference between their pigs and our pigs that it is now pointless.

  16. John West says:

    And on ya, if I ever have to do jury, I will vote not guilty no matter who or what …. Just to fuck the, around. Who gives a fuck if there is one more snake on the streets … There so fucking many now it will make no difference …. Like voting.

    • Ogrrre says:

      Same here, different reason. I vowed after the Senate acquitted Bill Clinton, that I would not serve on another jury. Either the rule of law applies to everyone, or it applies to no one. Comrade Bubba was caught dead to rights committing felonies that should have had him removed from office and thrown in prison, as would have happened to any of us if we had committed perjury or suborned perjury. So, I don’t care how heinous the crime or how damning the evidence, if ever forced to serve on a jury, it is at the very least a hung jury, and a waste of time and money of the state.

  17. Cheesy says:

    I hear you Wirecutter; they tell us we’re a fucking democracy, then majority rules don’t even count if the judges and politicians don’t like the rules. Our time spent as activists, polling volunteers, and going to the polls has been pre-empted and rendered null by socialist douchebags who “Know better than you do.” I am so furious right now that …..FUCK THEM!
    Waiting and ready for the next “Shot heard ’round the world!”

  18. Texan says:

    I hear ya, Kenny. Instead of spending my time reading and worrying about the next election, I’m going to use my time wisely and reload more ammo.

  19. Just Saying says:

    You know what they say?

    “If they don’t listen when you vote from the booth, they will listen when you vote from the rooftops.”

  20. Struan Robertson says:

    HEY! SG! Where’d you go man? I lost your site. You up & running again?

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