Second hand chew

I come walking through the door the other day home from work and Miss Lisa calls me over to the counter for a kiss and my opinion on soup she was making.
She got her kiss then lifted the spoon up to my mouth. “Huh. Not bad. Oh, wait a minute.” I dug the chew out of my lip and got another spoonful. Muuuch better.
Then I put my chew back in just to watch Lisa start hollering “Oh eew eew eww. Eeewww EEEEWWWWW!!!”
Fuck, she should’ve known. I always have a chew in when I come in from work.

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3 Responses to Second hand chew

  1. boarshide says:

    Shit… tried it once…..Red man I think or some kinda skoal mint……had to pull over got dizzy and threw up…my partner had to finish the shift driving…..

  2. Family Tradition says:

    Many years ago I mixed Beech Nut and double bubble gum. I had the yellowest teeth, but my kisses to my wife were sweet. Well, sort of.
    I’m glad I broke that habit.

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