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Five years ago I would’ve thought this was a joke

But now I can believe that not only is it real but she’ll probably get the fucking job. Wanna guess what will be #1 on the Hit Parade? You guessed it – Patriot groups and organizations because we’re ‘racists’. ***** … Continue reading

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Now that’s my class of babe

Drinking out of a brown wrapper and fucked up in the middle of the day.  

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Mid morning cutie

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That boy is already ruined

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Trained him like a dog, huh? My dog bit me last week.

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Do as I say…

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Fun on the subway

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Hot stuff with a toy gun

Y’all can thank AbbyS for this one.  

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Your Good Morning Girl

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Wirecutter – The Early Years

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That was the only thing that made the hype worth it

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Oh yeah, that’s attractive.

Hey, I don’t mind inked up babes but I don’t want her tattoos to look like mine.  

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Tactissy Actually a pretty good page – not just a babe with a gun but some good gun talk on there too.

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I go with “What are you, fucking stupid?”

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I’d swear I dated these sisters before…….

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My secret to good health and a long life

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Oh, fuck yeah.

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Somebody just got felt up

  Oh wait, never mind. I see that’s in San Francisco, the world’s safest place for babes.

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Bad. Ass.

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Meanwhile, at Sara’s store…..

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