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Yeah, that’ll work.

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Add a chamber pot and he’s good.

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Big Meadows

About a mile or so outside of Bridgeport, CA looking west. Just on the other side of those combs is Yosemite National Park. What looks like a band of snow going across those combs is actually a glacier, but it’s … Continue reading

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If I killed everybody that pissed me off…..

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It must be a slow news day here

The biggest daily newspaper that’s local and that’s one of their top stories…..

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Yeah well, that’s a lab for ya.

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Did it yourself, did ya?

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Yeah, no shit, huh?

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Oh man….. I’m dying laughing

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Straight up White Trash, God bless ‘er.

  I’m assuming it’s a female rather than a man by the lack of back hair and pimples.

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Cocktail party gone wrong

  Fuck, who hasn’t been to a party or two like that?

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The militarization of the police

Are cops constitutional? In a 2001 article for the Seton Hall Constitutional Law Journal, the legal scholar and civil liberties activist Roger Roots posed just that question. Roots, a fairly radical libertarian, believes that the U.S. Constitution doesn’t allow for police … Continue reading

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Looks like some of the places I’ve lived

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Gay post for the Ladies

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Oh, those crazy Canucks…..

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Straight up White Trash, God bless ‘er.

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Gotta be California (again)

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Heh heh heh

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Antioch, Afghanistan? Iraq?

-Sent in by Jeffery ***** Aw, don’t they look cute all dressed up as soldiers? Hey motherfuckers, you want to pretend you’re in the military, why didn’t you just enlist or reenlist where you could get shot at every time … Continue reading

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This oughta piss the PETAphiles off.

Bearded Youth sent this link in as a comment on my wolverine post down below. Watch this wolverine kick this wolf’s ass. Y’all have seen pictures of wolves that were taken by hunters and you know how big they get, … Continue reading

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