France is already trying to figure out how to surrender

There are historical allies and there are strong allies, and John Kerry may have confused the two yesterday when he hailed France as America’s oldest friend.
It was supposed to be a calculated snub to Britain, of course.
With a few exceptions, in the past 100 years it’s become a rule of thumb that America no longer goes to war without Britain at its side.
So the UK’s failure to follow the US into action over Syria inevitably stung in Washington, prompting Mr Kerry to cosy up to France.
But in reality Americans tend to mistrust the French even more than the British do. Famously, Americans refer to them as ‘cheese-eating surrender monkeys’.

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2 Responses to France is already trying to figure out how to surrender

  1. xiphos says:

    Watching this administration handle things, is akin to a monkey fucking a football, and the football is winning.

  2. France will fight to the last American.

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