III to III Patriot Plates from Maingun

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The plates are finally here!
I am incredibly pleased with how they turned out!
They finished cutting them last Friday at 0530 – the side plates were still warm from the plasma cutting when they got here.
III folks always get a better deal at Maingun.
For ANY order, enter ‘III’ when checking out and get free shipping.

Here’s how to order:

Regular prices:
$85 for a pair of 10” X 12” plates.
$30 for a pair of 6” X 8” plates.
Or order the Value Set – $100 for a pair of 10” X 12” plates AND a pair of 6” X 8” plates. A $15 savings.
For III folks ONLY:
If you order 2 PAIRS of 10X12 plates, enter the code ‘IIIdouble10’ when checking out. This gets you 2 pairs of 10X12 plates for $156, vs $170, AND includes free shipping if you also enter the code “III”.

If you order 2 Value Sets, we will further discount your order to $188, vs $200. To get this discount, enter the code “IIIdoublesets”, AND get free shipping if you also enter the code “III“.

If the rains ever let up here for a couple of days, we’re going to take the plates to the range. We’re going to try different coatings (raw, paint, bed liner, Kevlar) and see what effect they have on splatter and spall. Look for those videos on our Facebook page in the next week or two!
By next week we should have some great deals on plate carriers too. I’ve got a dealership with Condor and Fox, and we’re working on some great prices.


While you’re at Maingun’s site checking the plates, be sure to spend some time looking at the other products he has for sale. Mark it to your Favorites folder and come back again and again for your III needs.
Remember, this is a III to III endeavor here. Return the favor and show your appreciation by patronizing a Patriot business.

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3 Responses to III to III Patriot Plates from Maingun

  1. Leigh says:

    6:09 am Eastern time – the link didn’t work. I went with the site’s home address, still won’t connect. Hopefully this is just on my end, and the site is still up.

    Whitehall, NY

  2. Wirecutter says:

    Must be on your end – I just clicked the link and it loaded so fast it scared me.

    • Leigh says:

      Still doing it, I’ll check with a different machine at home. Site is probably blocked by F’kin Cuomo!

      Whitehall, NY

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