Maingun’s Knuckledraggin page – III to III

One of the things I do on this site is try to push business to stores and vendors that are run by Patriots and cater to Patriots, such as Jebadiah Fisher, III Arms, AdvancedRifles and now Maingun LLC.
In the past, I had ads for them in my sidebar but now I’ve decided to just go ahead and give them their own stand alone page. You can find these pages near the top of this site just under the Wolverine picture.

My most recent addition has been Doc and Terri’s Maingun, the folks that are now handling WiscoDave’s brilliant concept, III to III Patriot Plates.
Folks, we have got to stick together. We’ve got to support each other mentally, physically and financially and one of the ways that we can do that every day is to patronize Patriot stores for our needs. This builds support and cohesion in our Patriot Community, it bonds us and it shows that we give a fuck about one another.
So go check out Doc’s Knuckledraggin page and then go visit his online store.

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