British Spitfire


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  1. Bob says:

    That is one sweet pic!

  2. 1madjack says:

    To me the best looking Fighter ever made. Beautiful lines from front to back, top to bottom. There were about 20,000 made and I believe only 50 or so still able to fly today. What a shame. Not only is the Greatest Generation dying off but so are there machines. Sad.

    Wirecutter love your blog. I visit often but this may be my first post. Keep up the great work!

  3. Stretch says:

    The Spitfire is on of the three most beautiful things ever to come out of England.
    The other two? Why the E-type Jaguar and Diana Rigg.

  4. MM says:

    Would I ever love to take that baby for a spin

  5. Brad_in_MA says:

    Couple years ago, 2010 I think, there was a Spitfire fly-by at Duxford, in England. SIXTEEN !!!!! Spits in a box formation flew past the crowd to mark the 70th anniversary of Germany’s defeat during The Battle of Britain. I can only imaging the sound of SIXTEEN !!!!!! singing Rolls Royce Merlins . . .

    • Al_in_Ottawa says:

      Brad, take a look and listen to this….

      Actually there are more Spits airborne now then 20 years ago. There is a small industry that has been created out of rebuilding warbirds, mostly in New Zealand thanks to their warbird friendly civil aviation authority. There is a second Lancaster being rebuilt in Toronto and a Halifax bomber in Trenton, Ontario.

  6. Jeff says:

    Thank-you! Hope you will find some more jaw dropping warbird pics. Oh yeah, damn good job with the MILF pics too. There are times when flying is the most fun you can have and still keep your clothes ON!

  7. BillDave says:

    That and the P-51 Mustang just make me want one!

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