That’s because ducks don’t shoot back, dumbass.


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12 Responses to That’s because ducks don’t shoot back, dumbass.

  1. Old Goat Patrol says:

    What a dumb shit for brains.

    Drum magazine in firearm (Loaded?). Safety lever down in the fire position (Round in the chamber?). Finger on the trigger. Muzzle sweeps everyone to her left.

    This should be blown up to poster size and displayed each time she speaks.

  2. charles w says:

    She has her booger hook on the bang switch.

  3. Dave in Indiana says:

    Di Fi has nothing to fear from mere guns. A wooden stake is required to dispatch that blood sucking beotch.

  4. orlin sellers says:

    Is it really legal to hunt humans, Di?

    • gun monkey says:

      No, but it should be. I propose a dedicated hunting season for liberals. We can debate size and bag limits later.

      • Ogrrre says:

        No bag limit, GM. The very young of Homo Stupidus Stupidus can possibly be trained to where they are harmless, but the adolescent and adult of that subspecies are simply a depredation, and the sooner they are placed on the extinct species list, the better for all of us.

  5. Grog says:

    If you ever crossed paths with her, I’d bet even money it wouldn’t take more than ten seconds for you to reduce her to a blubbering crybaby.

  6. Daryl says:

    Ignorant cunt

  7. Gary says:

    She and Nancy Pelosi are competing for stupidest human ever, I’m thinking it may be a tie…

  8. Ken says:

    LOL The ugly face of tyranny has her finger on the trigger. She needs to learn gun safety.

  9. John west says:

    hunt humans with 30 round mags?

    However she and her mulatto boss hunt hunt humans with drones carrying hellfire missiles, but that okay …. Right

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