More White Trash shit

A two-decade family feud came to a violent end when a man shot dead the two home invaders that killed his wife and son, not knowing the assailants included his long-estranged daughter, authorities said Sunday.
Though the investigation of Friday’s shootings continues, authorities said it appears Josephine and Jeffrey Ruckinger planned to murder her family at their rural central Pennsylvania home — but it remains unclear what exactly led to the deadly confrontation.

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  1. millerized says:

    Hey….careful now. That’s my original neck of the woods! I pass through there on the way home….another 20mi up the road.

  2. Couldn’t make it up.

  3. anonymous says:

    Pretty damn sad, I don’t know what gets into people. Definitely sounds like the home invaders deserved what they got.

  4. Mark Brumbaugh says:

    Yeah, not so much White Trash, at least for the man and woman who lived there and their son, who lived nearby. The invaders, the estranged daughter and her husband, yeah, them it fits.
    The reason for the estrangement in the first place was the daughter stealing things from her parents, including guns, and taking them to Pittsburgh to sell. Though the article did not say, it was probably for drug money. I am from near that area and know that’s what the lowlifes do.
    The daughter and her husband probably were low on cash and in a bind and figured the quick fix was to make a big haul by robbing and killing her family. Maybe she thought she would have the stuff from the robbery to sell now and maybe get insurance money as the only surviving family member later. That’s just me speculating. We don’t know.

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