DHS police?

I got the following email from a reader but I ain’t got the foggiest idea. Can one of you help us out with an answer?

I hope my e-mail finds you well (other than your busted shoulder). I’ve got a question for you. The other day in Denton, Texas (north of Dallas about 35 miles north) I keep seeing these “cops” that act like they are real bad asses. They have “DHS Police” on their dark blue polo shirts and wear 5.11 khaki tactical pants with “desert” colored boots. My question to you is, who are these guys, what do they do and what is their jurisdiction? They walk around like the own the damn place, but if they told me to “freeze”, I’d probably tell them to “f–k off”. Anyway, it’s getting really spooky watching all of these damn militarized “law enforcement officers” walking around like they are something special.

Take care of yourself and watch your six!

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7 Responses to DHS police?

  1. MRG says:

    They are probably Federal Protective Service. And yes, they do “think” they’re badass but they’re nothing special and probably just a bunch of FBI or Secret Service rejects.

  2. Bootmaker says:

    not sure about ‘dhs police’. but do know that there is a fema hq type facility in Denton
    tho i havent been by there in a couple a years

  3. Stretch says:

    Educated Guess:
    Every government Department/Agency/Bureau/Office/Janitor has its own security.
    In theory they protect the associated entity’s property and personnel.
    In practice they range from highly professional (i.e. The Pentagon Protective Service) to little more than window dressing and private security/drivers for the head of outfit.
    DHS Police fall somewhere in between. Just point and laugh when ever you see them.

  4. Rumson says:

    511s and combat boots seem to be all the rage.. I’m in Northern Virginia and am surrounded by DHS and FEMA types due to various office buildings and warehouses.. The last time I was in my local eatery three FEMA types were there. All three were wearing polo FEMA shirts, tan 511 pants and black combat boots with the pants legs tucked in but no firearms.. I had to reach around the one lady FEMA rep to get my sandwich and announced myself before I did so.. All three were taken aback and the one I made my announcement to wouldn’t make eye contact when she spoke.. I would classify their behavior as odd but it seems to be the norm when in close proximity to them at various eateries..

    – Rumson

  5. Richard Rix says:

    FEMA has main facility in Denton Texas, The Diamond Group Security provided security for them for years, Don’t know Diamond? Think you know Blackwater? Diamond is domestic, see how many federal facilities they have contracts for. And yes I did work for them in the 90’s.
    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

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