My morning

Yeah man, I had to go beack to the surgeons’ office today for a follow-up appointment. I had been diagnosed with arthritis in the shoulder and a small tear to the rotator cuff but at my last appointment he told me he was hesitant to cut me up unless it was really bothering me so he sent me home for 30 days.

So my 30 days was up today. I made up my mind when he sent me away last time that I was going to not take any more painkillers or anti-inflammatories during my daily activities so I could give him an honest opinion.
When I went in today I had a whole list of grievances, #1 being I can’t shoot anything heavier than a 45 ACP and #2 I can’t cast a fishing rod without pain. Actually, that was pretty much my whole list, but hey! that shit’s important to me.

The PA was the first one in. She saw my Kindle and we talked about that, her wanting to know what it could do, how many books it held, etc. The she asked me a shitload of questions about my shoulder, listened to my bitches and whines and complaints, made me do some strength tests and then split. She came back with the surgeon and we went through the whole deal again. He told me I could have a cortisone injection, surgery or both. I thought about it and figured that I might as well get this shit taken care of so I opted for both, hoping the cortisone shot would hold me over til the cutting began.
The PA came back in with a couple of interns to give me my shot and asked me a couple more questions about my Kindle and I said “Wait. You really don’t have a Kindle? I thought you Asians had all the latest electronic toys?”
Not a good idea judging by the way she rammed that fucking spike into my shoulder….. Then she asked “Did that hurt?”
“Compared to what, a fucking gunshot wound?” I growled.
“Have a nice day, Mr Lane” she smiled as she walked out.
But at least nobody stuck their finger up my ass.

So yeah, now I’m waiting to be scheduled for shoulder surgery, should be in a couple of months.

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  1. Don Ryan says:

    “But at least nobody stuck their finger up my ass.”

    That one goes on the quote board, man…you really have to watch which person you piss off, eh? I made an unwise crack regarding my preferred language to a nurse a while back and like to never got anything useful out of that office afterward. Some people just don’t know how to take a joke…

  2. Roger says:

    I’ve had both shoulders carved upon for rotater cuff tears. Both were open surgery, both required SIGNIFICANT physical therapy following. The physical therapy was FAR worse pain than the surgery, like the worst pain I have ever endured and it went on for many months.
    With respect, I suggest that you attempt every possible avenue of relief before you allow someone to carve upon you. If you can have the tear corrected arthroscopically, that is definitely preferable to open surgery.
    The upside now is that I have full use of both arms, now 20 years post surgery, but the 6 months of recovery from both was pure HELL. I could not shoot, drive, ride my motorcycles and was taking large doses of painkillers daily.


    • Wirecutter says:

      Judging from what he said, the surgery will be scraping the bone causing the arthritis. I didn’t even know about the rotator cuff until today which might tell you how minor the tear is.

      • Randy says:

        My late wife Deborah had rotator cuff surgery years ago. Roger is right- it’s a bitch. She had had numerous procedures before and since and always said the rotator thing was the worst, and would not have done it if she had known how it was. I have heard this from other too, and have yet to meet someone who was glad they had it done. If you do it, I wish you the best of luck, and the rehab is vital. Deb never could raise her arm too high after that. I use to tease her by saying she was lucky not to be a Nazi!

  3. hiswiserangel says:

    Oooo, two months, just in time for Christmas!
    At least you didn’t follow up that comment with, “Sorry, I didn’t know it was your ‘time of the month’.”

  4. Catfishbrody says:

    Yeah you must have ticked her off! When my PA gave me my cortisone injection in my shoulder she even numbed the injection site for me 1st. She was so nice and loving and caring! She even gave me a special cortisone injection with lidocaine mixed in to further reduce the pain. She even emailed me a month later to check up on me and to make sure the physical therapy was going well.
    Hope everything goes well with the surgery. Hope there aren’t any Asian surgical helpers helping out! LMAO

  5. David Martin says:

    Just a thought, but when you go for the surgery, recovery might be a better place to strike up a conversation than pre-op……

    David Martin

  6. Tom McAllister says:

    Wishing you good luck on the surgery. I had mine done 10 days ago. Had a bone spur shaved down, arthritic bone on the end of my clavicle removed, some holes bored into the head of my humerus at the site of a small tendon tear, and a significant amount of tissue debridment throughout the joint. The real kicker was the manual manipulation of the shoulder to “un-freeze” my frozen shoulder, which had been that way for three months- that caused a lot of soft-tissue damage.

    It sounds like you have similar conditions, aside from the frozen shoulder. The techniques are very good, now, and the key is to make sure you get the joint moving ASAP, and stay with the PT. I had my opposite shoulder done in ’97; less work on that one, but a far worse post-surgical/rehab experience. 22 years as fireman/medic took it’s toll on me…and some aging!!!

    Again, good luck. I enjoy your blog.

  7. Jim22 says:

    Growin’ older ain’t for sissies.

    It doesn’t get better.

  8. Catfishbrody says:

    Yep she sure did. She was real sweet and gentle. She even apologized for the poke! lol Of course this is after we got talking about divorce and such. And I may have told her any man that would divorce such a sweet angel such as her deserved to be boiled in oil. Hehehe

  9. mike says:

    Okay, anyone had the torn tendon surgery on their shoulder? I don’t have rotator cuff problems but the outer tendons tearing away. Can’t pull start small motors, throw overhand etc. Anyone have it done that would recommend it?

    And good luck with your surgery, Kenny. Bet that cortisone shot made it all better after the injection pain wore off.

  10. Deb says:

    Oh God. So this means we’ll have to listen to you whine and snivel when you are postop? Like it’s not bad enough now? Should have gone for the finger up the butt. Asians have small hands. Just make sure if it’s a male doing the checking, Asian or not, that he doesn’t have both of his hands on your shoulders.

  11. Guairdean says:

    Get a bottle of Pantothenic Acid (also known as vitamin B5) and take to in the morning and two at night for the first week. Then take two a day after that. Your shoulder should show marked improvement in two weeks. I had Bursitis in both shoulders and some rotator cuff damage. Once I started on the Pantothenic Acid, I quit the cortisone shots and haven’t had any trouble in the past 30 years.

  12. Hillbilly says:

    Had both shoulders frozen, bilateral manipulation, twice, on the third time old Doc tore my rotator cuff. Inner tear, not fixable. Five years now, no pills except IBUprofen when it rains or cutting firewood.Rogers right, the physical therapy is a bitch, good luck on them military press’s. PT most important thing.I feel for you brother, but you’re tougher than you think. Fucking getting old shit sucks.

  13. Timbo says:

    I see Ryan feels the same as me about your awesome quote of the day!

    “But at least nobody stuck their finger up my ass.”

    I can see that becoming an every day saying, not just for medical shit.
    It should round out every bitch session. No matter house bad your days was,
    at least that didn’t happen!

  14. Cheesy says:

    Before getting cut on, check out this shoulder rehab program. (Probably want to check with your Doc first) I had a lot of shoulder soft tissue damage from a car accident, and this kept me from going under the knife. It’s a long road, but you’ll be doing the same stuff postop, and it will hurt more then!

  15. Cheesy says:

    Oh yeah, if you sleep on your side, arrange not to. Pillows, bed of nails, whatever it takes. Try not to sleep on your shoulder.

  16. David the ODDMAN says:

    I had rotator cuff surgery for a small tear last January. It ain’t fun. I found recovery to be worse than when I had a complete ACL reconstruction. It’s going to take some time to heal as you’re not 24 anymore. Me neither. All the best and remember not to expect too much too soon. It’s just going to take for recovery.

  17. groverat says:

    I’ve had kidney stones. I’ve had rotator cuff surgery With “scraping off bone spurs”. I’d take the kidney stones 2-1 over the surgery. Before the surgery — one 7.5 mg hydrocodone would lay me out in 30 minutes – I’d be sleeping. After the surgery, I was taking two 10 mg tablets every 4 hours – went though 40 in3 days, and I didn’t sleep – just controlled the pain. All that being said – things are good now. My arm doesn’t hurt 24X7, and I don’t live on pain meds. So – it’s worth it, but you have a rough road ahead of you. Mine was pretty rough – the mri report and doctor both said I had done about 85% of the most damage I could do and still be able to fix it. as much as it hurts – do the therapy. it will help you get the mobility back in your arm. At my age ( and your’s too – no offense intended) we just don’t heal up as well as we once did.

  18. Living Well says:

    Had rotators-cuff surgery and it was the best decision of my life. Before I couldn’t sleep except on my stomach – arms at my sides, and if I moved I would wake up from the pain. Every little thing from shooting (pistol and rifle), to bowling, to cooking was impacted – nothing helped except for heavy pain-killers, and I would rather live with pain than not be able to think straight. (Sleeping with a woman in my arms was OUT.) The deciding point was when I was flying and tried to put my carry-on in the over-head bin – it was excruciating and I almost dropped the bag on a kid’s head. Now the shoulder is a little “tight” when it comes to certain things, but no pain. Oh, I’m 50+ and was good as new in about 6 weeks (no pain from when I woke up from surgery – never took anything after the surgery – turned off the pain thing immediately), although they said to give it 6 months with physical therapy. I shouldn’t have waited so long – took me more than a year to decide. Now, I’m good as new… When the warranty runs out – it’s a b*tch…

  19. jack says:

    Had a couple of bones cut down, cuff sewed up, and two anchors installed with the tendons shortened due to the ends being frayed. Had that done about three years ago and can hardly see the little scars now. Needed the other shoulder done but after the rehab I haven’t gone back if that gives you an idea of the worst part. Just be sure to do the at home exercises regulary. One person at rehab hadn’t done his and was is much worse shape for the lack of working.

  20. Chokeonmyhallowpoint says:

    I have had alot of painful things done to me, broken neck and back legs and arm, but none have compaired to having my rotator cuff repaired. OUCH!!

    Could not lie down for over a week and than it was only for a few hrs for the next week.

    Rehab was a couple months untill I got all of my rang of motion than a few more months untill the strengrh was back, not 100% but back

    All in all it was 12 months until I did not think about it anymore, so that would be me being back 100%

    Good luck.

  21. livin to ride again says:

    that what doesn’t kill me
    makes me stronger

    good luck wirecutter

    damn the tune “two lane blacktop” keeps playin in my mind
    hope the sun comes out soon

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