Now retired cops are shooting dogs

BEND, Ore. (AP) — A retired Oregon State Police trooper and his brother have been sentenced to probation and ordered to pay $500 fines after pleading no contest to charges stemming from the killing of three Great Pyrenees sheepdogs in the Ochoco National Forest.

The Bulletin newspaper of Bend reports ( ) that Craig and Paul Johnson shot the dogs in August 2012 while hunting elk. Gordon Clark of Madras owned the dogs, and used them to protect grazing sheep from predators.
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For those that aren’t familiar with Great Pyrenees, they are the finest flock guardians in the world, bar none. They can crush a coyote with one bite from their massive jaws.
They’ve got a great disposition, are calm and actually pretty gentle – unless you’re fucking with their flock.
There’s quite a few around here. You can usually spot them laying down right in the middle of a grazing flock, just look for a bright white sheep – it’s usually a Pyrenees.
Fuckers are huge, too. Google them for more info.
Oh yeah, they don’t come cheap either but well worth their cost.

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11 Responses to Now retired cops are shooting dogs

  1. hbbill says:

    This makes me sick. I own a Pyr and they are one of the greatest dogs out there, friendly and gentle with people but hell on predators. Smart as all get out to boot although some may dispute that.

    The only time she got violent was when she was attacked by another dog. The mutt blind sided her and managed to knock her off her feet and notched her ear. The other dog then went for her throat but only got a mouthful of that mane. By the time I got there she had regained her feet and those jaws were closing on the other dogs neck but she released as soon as I called her name while grabbing her collar. Did I mention they were obedient also? The mutt had decided he’d had enough and ran.

    She is a runt for the breed and only weighs in at 83 pounds full grown. I understand the females get up to 110 and the males 130 or more. When we got her from the breeder, a man was picking up a pair to go after a mountain lion that was killing his herd of rare goats.

    Anybody that kills dogs the way LEO is doing these days, deserves a special place in hell.


  2. So are they desensitizing the LEO’s to the eventual need to shoot citizens on behalf of and at the orders of the progressive elite? Work their way up from dogs to children?
    Didn’t the Apaches and the Vikings do something similar?

  3. herbstine says:

    They are beautiful dogs. However, they can become nuisances if they are not trained or controlled, just like any other dog. I raise cattle, and I’ve lost 2 calves the other year to my neighbor’s Pyrenees. He had let them breed uncontrolled, without any training or a flock to guard. They were running loose all over the countryside. I, and several neighboring ranchers, shot quite a few of them. He finally ended the breeding after the sheriff & the game warden warned him (they were running deer & killing fawns, too).

  4. Knucklehead says:

    They are extraordinarily useful dogs. They can be a bit rough on the chicken population though.

  5. Felina Flash says:

    The only difference between a cop and a bad guy is the team they are playing on. Same arena, different team. What kind of POS shoots dogs?

  6. Catfishbrody says:

    That’s it! That’s all that happened to them? Figures! Wall of Blue and all that crap! No loss of hunting privileges for life, no replacing the dogs, no $1,000’s in fines, just a slap on the wrist. One of the best breeds in the world and THE best remote herd breed there is and that’s all they get! Friends of mine up in McCall, ID had a pair of them. Absolutely great dogs.

  7. ruralcounsel says:

    It isn’t uncommon in the east for hunters to shoot feral dogs that are killing off deer when the snow is deep and the deer are yarded up and can’t run.

    That said, this isn’t sounding like that kind of situation – dogs don’t appear to have been feral, chasing game, or anything else that would justify shooting them. So in that case, I concur with the comments above condemning the “hunters”. Whether the fact they were LEO-associated had any impact, or if they were just assholes … who knows. But there has been a disturbing uptick in stories about cops shooting dogs almost reflexively. Where I come from, doing that without good cause would justify shooting back at the cops.

  8. DAN III says:

    Fuckin’ cops. There ain’t a good one in the bunch.

  9. davidc says:

    Saw one recently at the local TSC store. Beautiful dog, very calm, let me pet it no problem.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Yeah, I honestly think that when CGD goes, my next will be a Pyrenees. I’ve ran into a few of them while working with shepherds on coyote control projects and I’ve never met one I didn’t like. Great disposition, calm and extremely intelligent. Most of them are downright lovable towards people.

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