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What does Obamacare and the Trabant have in common???
First of all, you probably haven’t a clue as to what a Trabant is. It was an automobile built in East Germany in the late 50’s through the 80’s by the Communist government. For most of its life, it had a 600cc engine producing 18 horsepower. No…that is not a clerical error. 18.

They have the following in common:
1. They both are archaic.
2. They both are engineering failures.
3. They both were designed by individuals who were clueless as to how to engineer something that worked consistently.
4. They both are poked fun at. It took a few years for the Trabant to be laughed at, the healthcare program, in a few days.
5. The Trabant is “often cited as an example of the disadvantages of centralized planning.” “Trabantcare” should be.
6. Ordering a Trabant took a very long time. Ditto with Trabantcare.
7. Time magazine considered the Trabant one of the 50 worst cars ever built. Time has yet to write about Trabantcare.
8. They both are shunned by people who appreciate things which are engineered properly.
9. They both are laughed at.
10. With its 2 cycle engine running that smokes like a chain saw, the Trabant stinks. Ditto with Trabantcare.

1. You can laugh at a Trabant and then go by a real car, one that is up to date, modern, and works efficiently. You can laugh at Trabantcare until you are forced to buy it and then, you will cry.

Perhaps when Trabantcare is repaired, then it will ascend to the level of Yugocare or maybe… Gremlincare…

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8 Responses to Trabantcare

  1. Rurik says:

    Brilliant! But a Trabant was also physically grotesque. Come to think of it …

  2. Roland says:

    I am impressed. Knowing that “famous” car outside of Germany is not usual.

  3. Brad_in_MA says:

    Wirecutter — funny post but sadly, it’s probably true.

    I had a Gremlin once. It was a 1974. Biggest piece of fecal-matter I ever drove. It was sort of a love-hate thing with me. I had less than no $$$ at the time and it got me where I needed to go, but damn, it was a real piece of trash. AMC deserved to go broke.

    • Redneck John says:

      A friend had a Gremlin in college in the early 70’s. It looked like a big grape because it was purple. I learned nothing from his experience because I got a Chevy Citation in ’80. After owning about every American brand, and being disappointed or going broke with repair bills, I now drive a 2005 Camry and love it

      • Wirecutter says:

        My folks had a purple Gremlin when I got out of the Army. I refused to drive it.
        I’ve been driving Miss Lisa’s jap car for the past two weeks for the gas mileage and I will freely admit I almost prefer it to my truck.

  4. Al_in_Ottawa says:

    And across the border in West Germany they were building BMWs, Mercedes Benz SEL500s, and Porsches.

    By the way, I have to stand up and defend the engineers of the Trabant. They were ordered to build so many thousands cars per year but the central planners allotted only so much steel, wiring, electrical switches, textiles for the seats, machine tools, etc. The budget was controlled by the central planners too so there was no money for R&D. Even the amount of electricity the outdated factory could use was rationed. They made something out of next-to-nothing.

    • Roland says:

      And not to forget AUDI in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany….YES!

    • Curmudgeon says:

      Having seen Trabants in eastern Europe, I heartily concur in this comparison. I never had the nerve to actually ride in a Trabant, and I hope I am not taken for a ride by Obamacare. So far, I’m still allowed my high-deductible, catastrophic individual plan. One nice thing…my doctor gives me 40% off for paying on the spot (no “insurance” billing), my dentist gives me 20%. If they can do that, you gotta ask what the overhead is for paperwork.

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