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Dear Senator…

I was reading the local smutsheet today and ran across this article concerning our local Senator, Anthony Cannella (R) and a brainstorm he has called “There oughta be a law” where readers can write in and suggest new laws that … Continue reading

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Fuck the feds

32 Privacy Destroying Technologies That Are Systematically Transforming America Into A Giant Prison Surveillance is a form of control, and at this point we are little more than inmates inside a gigantic Big Brother surveillance grid. Posted below is a … Continue reading

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Damn. Hope she sneezes or something.

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The Soviet’s elite airborne troops?

And the dummy in the middle of the pack is shooting straight up……  

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Todays’ Touchy-Feely Post

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Ha! Wished I’d thought of that before I burned it.

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CharlieGodammit – The Early Years

These were taken right after I got that sonofabitch – pre-Miss Lisa. He was still skinny, had nuts and dew claws and was meaner than hell. The bottom picture doesn’t show it but that security door was bowed outwards a … Continue reading

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Wirecutter was here

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To his mistress……

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For the pistolero in your life

I know the bottom picture is probably for instructional purposes but it would still make a badass paperweight.  

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Look. You can almost see her cooter.

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In his Prius, no less.

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What’s wrong with America today


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Yeah, that oughta work.

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“Uh, the sandwich fixin’s are below.”

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-Miss Lisa  

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And the stage is set for a Stasi style police state

WASHINGTON (AP) – You can take our word for it. Americans don’t trust each other anymore. We’re not talking about the loss of faith in big institutions such as the government, the church or Wall Street, which fluctuates with events. … Continue reading

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Trey’s First

I thought I would share my son’s first deer kill, a 5 point, taken on the first day of deer season in WV. I’m not much of a hunter, I’m always working this time of the year, but my father-in-law … Continue reading

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Please adopt me, Lady.

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