CharlieGodammit – The Early Years

002 004These were taken right after I got that sonofabitch – pre-Miss Lisa.

He was still skinny, had nuts and dew claws and was meaner than hell. The bottom picture doesn’t show it but that security door was bowed outwards a good 3 inches from him bouncing off of it with all 4 feet when somebody came up the sidewalk. All the welds were broken loose and the screen was coming apart. It was there more to slow him down than to keep somebody from coming in – hell, with him there I didn’t have to worry about anybody coming in. But I’m serious, he could be at the back of the house and hear somebody coming up the walk and he would charge that door full speed, snapping and snarling, and slam right into the security door. The Maglite on the floor was used to pry/whack him away from the door so I could grab his collar to restrain him.
I have friends that refuse to come to my house to this day because of him even though Miss Lisa ruint him from biting folks.

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3 Responses to CharlieGodammit – The Early Years

  1. viphos says:

    My front storm door needs readjustment after an incident the other day.
    Mid-week, mid-morning, I was in the den when there was a banging at my door. I wasn’t about to answer because I figured whoever was there should be able to read the No Soliciting sign on the glass. Well, I was wrong, the banging got worse, I grabbed my phone, yanked the main door open, only to find 2 Obamalytes standing there. I was none too polite when I asked what the hell they wanted.
    One of them stepped back and stated ” l like what you have here and I’d like some of it.”
    My statement was “Well, have some of this.” My 2 protection trained Giant Schnauzers (90 and 55 lbs) knocked me out of the way and damn near took the storm door off its hinges.
    Both idiots were on the street before I completed dialing 911.
    BTW, the 55 pounder is still growing.

  2. Ken says:

    That was my Max aka damitdog. He was a lawsuit waiting to happen. Fuck I miss that dog!

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