Dear Senator…

I was reading the local smutsheet today and ran across this article concerning our local Senator, Anthony Cannella (R) and a brainstorm he has called “There oughta be a law” where readers can write in and suggest new laws that should be passed.
Are you fucking kidding me? More laws?
I don’t ordinarily bother writing to my politicians because 1) They don’t give a fuck about their constituents and 2) They don’t give a fuck about their constituents, but I couldn’t stop myself with this one.
Oh, if you want to see the article and my comment for yourself, go HERE.


Mr. Cannella,
You’re kidding, right?
You’re wanting to introduce more laws? There’s not any laws that already cover any conceivable crime that anybody can think up already?
Do me a favor and do this: Compare the size of California’s penal/civic code to say, Montanas’. Or Alaska. Or Georgia. Hell, pick any state.
But as I commented in the Modesto Bee under your article, more laws equal more government and less Rights and a chance for Mr Cannella to show that he’s tough on crime and therefore deserves to keep his gov’t job.
Try enforcing the thousands and thousands of laws that are already on the books. Impossible, huh? But more laws will be better……
If you want my support start removing laws and re-instating our Liberty.
Ken Lane
PO Box 1996
Ceres, CA.

PS As you may have guessed by the content of this letter, I follow neither the jackass nor the RINO.

“Opera Non Verba”

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12 Responses to Dear Senator…

  1. rich says:

    Well said.

  2. Philip Paul says:

    Make a law that says you can’t pass a new law without taking two older ones off the books first.

    Make their heads explode.

  3. Ken says:

    Very well stated!

  4. Cheesy says:

    “There oughta be a law” that prohibits laws that infringe on Constitutional law.

  5. dogpigcat says:

    The fucks are the same all over and it won’t change until politicians are subject to consequences for their self serving actions. I ain’t talking about unelecting the bastards either. Tar and feathers would be a reasonable starting point. Escalate as needed.

  6. JimB says:

    Tell him he will have your support if he submits a law to have a recall election on stupid fucks that want MORE laws……. period

  7. Bootmaker says:

    Money and vanity are what ‘new’ laws are all about.
    Vanity because EVERY lawmaker wants his name attached to some law that will go down in the history books
    Money, because crime pays. The more laws created, the more criminals they create.
    Criminals are very profitable to them.
    criminals pay fines, forfeit property and keep l.e.o. and attys and judges and clerks and etc employed.
    A larger portion of our economy than one might imagine is driven by crime and dealing with the criminals that commit those crimes.
    The sad fact is…if people suddenly started obeying the law, our society would probably collapse overnight.

  8. Dougwrench says:

    Maybe you can convince the smut sheet to post an oped countering this a holes quest for new laws called “laws that ought to be repealed”.

  9. tweell says:

    You want a law? Okay… 1. No proposed law can have more words than the Constitution. 2. Any proposed law has to be passed as understandable by a grand jury, no lawyers allowed. 3. Every law must have an expiration date of no more than ten years.

  10. the botnet says:

    The dude is a California “lawmaker”. Since CA is fucked, here’s a guy who is supposed to look busy or whatever or else he might lose his phoney-baloney job for his very real paycheck. To a man with a hammer every problem looks like a nail.

    California is so fucked, it doesn’t matter what this dude does one way or the other… And here he got elected by the idiot CA voters yet hasn’t the slightest idea what he is supposed to do, and does not realize that doing nothing is far better than “doing “something””. The only thing worse than idiots are the idiots who elect them.

  11. ignore amos says:

    I’d start with term limits!

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