Motherfucker’s are just in a tizzy


If those people had a brain in their head, they’d start slamming shopping carts into it and then put a pile of them about 30 deep, front and back.
Be the last time that fucker would ever park there, huh?

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11 Responses to Motherfucker’s are just in a tizzy

  1. Martin says:

    That is in England man, (I’m ExPat) it is probably an OAP that is too a little blind to drive anyway.

    • Seneca III says:

      That looks as if it might be the Asda (Walmart UK) on the outskirts of High Wycombe. More perambulating burkhas dragging countless little jihadi wanabees around that Supermarket than in an halal butchers shop in Islamabad, and most of them drive and park pretty much as if they were still using donkeys (the women, that is – the bearded head bangers ride donkeys slightly differently!).

  2. Spiro says:

    I hate this shit, asshole parking is a plague here, people are just becoming lazy and selfish.

  3. Toejam says:


    In Limey land they’d park on the side of a building if they had suction cups on their tires.

  4. giamby says:

    On a similar note, I once had to dig my car out from under 15 inches of snow to run an errand. When I came back, some fuck had parked there so I put about 30 inches behind his car.

  5. Seneca III says:

    Too right, Toejam, but you try living on a small island whose politicians have imported the parasitical and predatory scum of the world in such vast numbers that our population (60+M) density is higher than that of the Indian subcontinent. We seriously need a cleansing just so that we can breath free again. Damn, what I would give for your right to bear arms, we’re going to have to do it just with our teeth and kitchen knives!

    • Wirecutter says:

      Y’all aren’t even allowed to carry packet knives, right?

      • Seneca III says:

        Knives with a folding blade of 3 inches or less are permitted but one has to be very careful about using them in public, particularly not in any way that could be interpreted as being in a ‘racially threatening’ manner – I kid you not, if a white in the UK is accused of racism in any form, whether there is any substantiating evidence or not, the accusation is always sufficient to generate a prosecution. (We have even had one guy convicted of revving his car in a racially threatening manner. And no, I am not making this up.)

        I include a link below to a good short synopsis of the law as it stands but if you do read it bear in mind that the full penalty for ‘carrying an illegal weapon’ is rarely if ever applied if the offender is non-white (which the vast majority are) but God help you if you are a white native – you can just kiss your ass goodbye.

        Rgds, S III.

        • Wirecutter says:

          That’s fucked up, man.
          My pocket knife blade is 3 1/2 inches and my every day carry you-may-be-killing-me-but-you’re-gonna-damned-sure-remember-me fighting knife’s blade is 5 inches long.

  6. Seneca III says:

    If you think that’s fucked up, ‘Cutter, you would flake out if I told you how our firearms laws (including shotguns) operate. Its so bad that I as an ex-Marine sniper and Weapons Instructor had to send my daughters over to old US Military friends in Virginia for their training.

    Whatever you do, cousins, don’t let them disarm you or you will find yourselves naked in the face of your enemies just as we are. Good luck, Guys.

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