I can remember…..

The first couple New Years and 4th of Julys I had CharlieGodammit I couldn’t keep that motherfucker in the house. He’d damned near tear the back door down until I let him out so he could chase the bottle rockets across the sky, bark at the gunfire and howl at the sirens.
Now he’s napping at my feet.

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4 Responses to I can remember…..

  1. Mr. Miracle says:

    Gotta tell ya, I am drunker than I have ever been! This was a great New Year! Hope you all have a great 2014! Fuck Obama!

  2. livin to ride again says:

    lets see a picture of charlie goddammit nappin at yur feet
    i stayed stone cold sober and listened to all the stupid fuckers wasting ammo
    rolled like thunder for 2+ hours

  3. livin to ride again says:

    by the way you once told me i probly understood the III concept more than i knew
    indeed i do BUT in most cases i prefer the company of dogs to people

    a dogs philosophy on life
    if ya can’t eat or fuck it piss on it

    pet charlie for me and hope you and CGD and Lisa have good year

  4. madminute says:

    aint dogs great! gotta luv em.

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