Jay, who had asked for assistance for Amber runs a site HERE and today has posted a very moving and eloquent piece concerning the III to III concept.
Please take a moment and read it.

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  1. jay352 says:

    When this all started, my niece started the go fund me site for her sister Amber. She really had no prospect of achieving her goal as these are hard times. Her friends and family quickly donated and that was pretty much it. Amber never asked for much in life and the only thing that she was adamant about in death was that she be buried, not cremated. Until the III community became involved her sister’s last wishes would have been disregarded and she would have had no choice but to have her remains cremated instead of interred. Even where the fund is now, if all donations were to cease, I am sure that she would have enough to bargain with a funeral director. I cannot express my heartfelt thanks enough to all those who have donated and well wished our family. I cannot express my thanks enough to Kenny for hosting this link. He has driven an incredible amount of traffic to Amber’s website and has really blessed a family in a time of need. I do not have an internet connection at home, so any updates I have I must post from work. I have not had an update on Amber’s condition today although I have put numerous calls in. No news is good news..Maybe. She was taken home from the hospital on Monday and as of last night she was resting in her own home under sedation. Without knowing these girls and knowing the life that they lived, you cannot truly understand the depth of the service that you have done for them. Again , with my deepest thanks. Happy new year to all. Jay

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