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My Spike Hawk

My Cold Steel Trail Hawk after I reworked it as described in last night’s post. Here’s the head after I sharpened and painted it. I did repaint the spike end to keep it from rusting, also retrieved the set screw … Continue reading

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Sorry. It ain’t working for you, man.

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Wirecutter – The Early Years

Except there’s no tattoos on my back – I can’t stand the thought of the sting of the needle when I can’t see it coming. I know, I’m a pussy. Besides, I never go without a shirt anyways – there’s … Continue reading

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Some folks aspire to great things

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‘And as long as we now have a sample of your DNA…’

The Los Angeles Police Department has announced plans to ramp up use of a portable tool that checks for drug use, beginning with a New Year’s Eve crackdown on intoxicated drivers. Officials cited increased medical marijuana use as a main … Continue reading

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Yeah, I’m not real ambitious either.

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Customizing my Cold Steel Spike Hawk

I got a Cold Steel Spike Hawk in the mail the other day – I already have the Rifleman’s Hawk and after I got through throwing it at trees and shit I hung it on the wall with some beaver … Continue reading

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Drone Identification guide

(Click to magnify) These days drones are used for everything from farming to surveying remote regions to waging war. So it makes sense that one Dutch designer has penned the Drone Survival Guide, which like bird watching charts, shows the … Continue reading

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Never liked his pop country music anyways

Country star, actor and restaurateur Toby Keith has sparked a controversy after banning guns from his newly opened eatery in Virginia. The 52-year-old Oklahoma native held a grand opening last week for his newest venture, Toby Keith’s I Love This … Continue reading

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And the sheeple went “Baaaaa baaaaa…..”

MIDDLETOWN, CT (WFSB) – There are only five more days until the new gun laws go into effect for our state, that means a dash to register assault weapons or high capacity magazines. A long line of people stood outside … Continue reading

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Advice, please?

Does anybody out there own or have ever shot Ruger’s Gunsite rifle? I plan on getting a new rifle with a portion of my federal tax return and I’m looking at a 308 bolt gun. I need something with iron … Continue reading

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Now that some white trash shit right there

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) – South Carolina authorities say a 44-year-old woman angry at a man for returning home without beer on Christmas beat and stabbed him with a ceramic squirrel. MORE

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I got to thinking about Motherfucker yesterday on my way home from work and it brought a smile to my face. For you newer readers that didn’t see the post about him on my old blog, here it is again: … Continue reading

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Wakie wakie, dear.

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I wish I could afford just one of these Randalls

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I’m back

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See you in a couple of days

Yeah man, I got a bunch of shit to do in the next few days – a gathering at my sister-in-law’s house tomorrow night after I put in a days’ work, then Christmas Day we’re having both sides of the … Continue reading

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Then why bother going?

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Go ahead. I dare you.

Then you can scrub out that nasty ass tub as long as you’re cleaning the cat piss and your blood out of it.  

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Missed it by thaaaaat much

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