You poor bastards



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16 Responses to You poor bastards

  1. JimB says:

    Pussy whipped!!!!

  2. Spiro says:

    Why do men put up with this shit, get the fuck out of there, no pussy is worth this.

  3. John Henry says:

    There must be an easier way to get a blow job.

  4. Father Confessor says:

    Just gotta get the little woman used to shopping online. Dont see anything here that isnt online

  5. AZRon says:

    Metro-sexual malaise. Reap what you sow junior!

  6. madminute says:

    they made their beds, ya’ll know the rest!

  7. nic says:

    Bitch slap him… take away what’s left of his man card. Idiots!

  8. Buckaroo says:

    Remember that the word “woman” derives from old English and means “sexy bacon fryer,” while the old English equivalent of “wife” is “owned sexy bacon fryer.” These pussy male-wannabees make me sick. If they drop that shit on the floor and walk away, (owned) sexy bacon fryer will never ask them to “shop” again – Ga-Run-Teed.

  9. bobdog says:

    I read a story yesterday about a guy in China who was power shopping for shoes with his girlfriend. After five hours of non-stop shopping, he just chucked it in and jumped from a seventh floor shopping center balcony, killing himself instantly.

    A man has to have limits.

  10. RB says:

    These 2 have already lost their man cards. They will be sipping hot chocolate and posing for an obamacare ad next……..

  11. Sail Man says:

    Guess that’s what happens when you marry prissy little city bitches.

  12. Bootmaker says:

    If you are going with a girl that shops at or frequents ‘malls”,
    then you deserve anything you get.
    thank god for country girls

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