Rape by cop is only worth 2 years

The end of 2013 brought a measure of closure to a long-running Milwaukee police scandal, though some say the officer — and his cohorts — who repeatedly and illegally shoved his fingers up black male suspects’ anal cavities got off with a light sentence considering the flagrant nature of his abuses.
The ringleader was identified as officer Michael Vagnini, a white man who routinely targeted black males as young as fifteen for sadistic — and blatantly illegal — anal searches.
One victim said that another officer put a gun to his head while Vagnini administered a choke hold, touched his scrotum and fingered his anus. Another man was probed so violently that he bled.

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7 Responses to Rape by cop is only worth 2 years

  1. michigan doug says:

    it’s his lucky day.for the next 2 years he can get all the black man sex he wants.

  2. bobdog says:

    He’s gonna have a REAL good time in prison.

  3. livin to ride again says:

    no he will more than likely be kept out of general population

  4. He will be in protective custody, but I imagine every meal he has that doesn’t come out of a package from the canteen will be covered in various bodily fluids.

  5. Ogrrre says:

    Fuckin’ pig may wish he got a longer sentence. While he may be in protective custody while in prison, he’s not going to be in there for long. I don’t think he’ll live for very long after he gets out of prison, before he dies in a drive-by shooting, or he is mugged, raped, and killed when out somewhere … maybe in front of his family, if they stand by this POS.

  6. RB says:

    This is a situation that should best be handled outside the court system.

    WTF, didn’t wear gloves? OK if its your partner, but I’m not sticking my fingers in some strangers ass!

  7. pdwalker says:

    Rape isn’t about sex, it’s about power. This man got off on his ability to use his powers on others.

    I hope karma pays him a stern visit.

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