Scary indeed


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12 Responses to Scary indeed

  1. Sarah says:

    Are you sure the bottompicture is not the “before” picture?

  2. wildriver says:

    Coyote morning in the making!!!

  3. drjim says:

    Reminds me of the Venus Drug in “Mudd’s Women”.

  4. QuietMan says:

    If you can’t tell from the vacant stare that sticking around until the disguise comes off is a bad idea, you deserve what you find.

  5. That’s why you should always take a new girl out for a walk in the rain, not because it’s romantic. To see if she runs.

  6. With enough bondo, you can fix anything

  7. ed357 says:

    Does that makeup come in “eggshell white”……..

    and what’s the price per gallon?

    I’m getting ready to repaint and that looks like some damn good spackling.

  8. Critter says:

    Wow. That’s some good stuff. Gotta get some for the ole lady.

  9. john tolar says:

    Had some friends (married couple) who both had enhancements. Nose jobs, ear bobs, braces, etc. looked like a perefect barbie and ken doll set. then the kids came; fugly little ones, they were. maybe there should be a carfax for surgeries and make-overs.

  10. SteveP says:

    I’m creeped out by her eyes. They aren’t level.

  11. “The more make up a woman wears the more she’s tryin to hide. Make up can hide a lot of evil.” Phil Robertson

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