Knuckledraggin videos

So I’ve been thinking about doing an occasional video for my site here. Would this be something y’all would be interested in or would it be a waste of time?
I mean, I know I’m not as fine as Josie the Outlaw – my tits aren’t as nice and I’ve been told by more than a few people that I have a flat ass, but at least you’ll have the fun of trying to figure out my drawl without sub-titles – might even be able to make a drinking game out of it.
Comments, please.

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58 Responses to Knuckledraggin videos

  1. Nic says:

    Go for it. Internet can always use another weirdo

  2. CUR Dog says:

    Make it so

  3. Wirecutter,


    Do a bunch of welding video’s. Like weld the III Percent symbol on a good size piece of ‘quarter inch plate and raffle it off and give the proceeds to that III Percenter that you mentioned in your blog that’s in need.

  4. red spur says:

    If its gonna be like Josie the outlaw and be a speech , just make sure your not sounding like your running for office , hahahahahahaha

  5. otto says:

    If you’ re just going to talk on the videos: Don’t do it, man! That is lame and so Yeager-like.
    On the other hand, if you’re actually going to *show* stuff on the videos, they’ll probably be worth watching.
    Otto from Denmark.

  6. Woody says:

    Depends on if you are going to try to teach something or go on a rant about some issue. I personally vote for a rant totally off the cuff and let the chips fall where they may.

  7. Lofty says:

    Why not, fill your boots Ken.

  8. Davedog says:

    Some insight into the Wirecutters thought process, Hell ya! I’m all for it!

  9. Kirk says:

    Go ahead. I’m sure it will be highly entertaining .I’ll be sitting here with a worm on my tongue .
    (baited breath ) .

  10. Daniel K Day says:

    Why not, if you have visuals you want to provide. If it’s just you staring at the camera, you could try just making an audio too.

  11. Ian says:

    Do it!,nothing ventured,nothing gained….Your followers in England wait with baited breath.

  12. Dan says:

    I think I can safely say the success or failure of your video postings will be dependent upon the subject matter, not your appearance. Us old dudes just ain’t much to look at….we have to dazzle em with brilliance or baffle em with bullshit but appearances won’t cut it. Hicock45 is no looker but he posts some fun UTube videos of him shooting the hell out of things.

  13. David343 says:

    What kind of videos? This is a nice family site that I bring my kids to and I don’t want you goin all Hollywood on me! LOL

  14. Old Man Al says:

    Oh hell yeah!!

  15. hiswiserangel says:

    Absolutely! That way, we hear your patented wirecutter humor in your very own voice. And when we read future posts, we can do it in your voice, like we do with your hero Jack Nicholson.

  16. Billy Keslick says:

    Do it…..

  17. stevierayv says:

    This sounds like an excellent idea maybe a predator hunting or bat fishing one would be good.

  18. keppler60 says:

    I think it’s good idea. I always liked to see and hear someone instead of just reading their thoughts. Of course it seems like it would be a lot harder. I say go for it.

  19. paulb says:


  20. WiscoDave says:

    Would love to see/hear the wirecutter take on a variety of topics.
    Trust your opinion much more than those damned airsoft rangers that review stuff.

  21. Cliff Spencer says:

    I’m with Nic, go for it!

    If pretty was a prerequisite, guys like Karl Malden and George C. Scott would’ve spent their lives digging ditches, and Rodney Dangerfield would have died selling aluminum siding.

    It’s the message, man!

  22. billy cairns says:

    yup would like to see your fishing holes

  23. da_truth36 says:

    Knock it out, but no sex tapes please

  24. Johnny says:

    Kenny: I can’t watch videos as we only have limited compute time for the wife and I.

  25. Peter says:

    Just go easy on the lipstick and high heels. Negligées optional, of course.


  26. jack says:

    Go for it!

  27. Tod says:

    Yeah lets see some more of that charming Wirecutter! III

  28. Highlander says:

    Do it!


  29. Hillbilly says:

    Milfs,WTF’s and Charliegoddamit all good stuff. Got to be california again…maybe not so much. Ever see a Heather Lacroix youtube? Big titties and blowing shit up.Yeehaw! And Bacon, can’t go wrong with bacon. Wirecutter’s how to video’s? Best of luck to you.

  30. Robert Farr says:

    Do a pilot episode and post it for us to see.

  31. rightwingterrorist says:

    Give it a shot.
    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  32. Rohm says:

    I would watch for sure.

  33. JimB says:

    How about some video’s on how to skin a coyote or deer, etc,?? Then publish all the fuckin rants from peta……
    NOW that would be entertaining…….You could call it Wirecutters Dynasty. Just don’t go and git all uppity when you get rich though.

  34. chris owens says:

    I’d love to see something new!! good luck with it !

  35. Dave D. says:

    Yes, great idea!

  36. code3 says:

    Apologies if I repeat something someone else has already said, but I’m feeling too much like a lazy bastard to read 34 comments. Anyway, I like this idea. Maybe you could demonstrate some long range marksman techniques, how to zero a scope, customize a hatchet, etc

  37. William says:

    No one mentioned the obvious yet: shooting videos, blasting the shit out if something is always entertaining.

  38. Dean Carder says:

    Fuckin’ go for it!

  39. Stu says:

    This ought to be interesting…..Mister Rogers, Sam Kinison, and Attila the Hun all rolled up in one.

  40. Good idea, so long as you do them on something that really gets ya fired up. Don’t try to force ’em by doing one a week, or on any set time limit. Forcing yourself to come up with a topic will kill it for yourself and the viewers. If it’s interesting to you, you can make it interesting to others. Just be yourself.

  41. I’m always up for another drinking game. Fuck Obama!

  42. Falcon says:

    For sure I would watch.

  43. Shoot up some korans! You can order them for free from CAIR or get them at the dollar book store….

  44. Ian Restil says:

    Y’all gonna have Angel as the main presenter (as they say in merry olde England), and y’all are gonna be the ‘FoxBlondeEyecandy’ effect, correct?

  45. Deb says:

    Are you going to do makeup tips and tricks? If so, I’m all for it! Oh yeah, CGD and Lucy better be in these videos, too. It will expand your reader base to a lower species (their owners).

  46. Jason says:


  47. Jim B. says:

    Do it. Funn, whatever. Personally, bein’ an old bastard, I could use an educational vid on how to put the trigger assembly back together on my Model 80 when I take it down fer a good cleanin’ without all the cussin’ and throwin’ shit. All them tiny pieces suck

    • Wirecutter says:

      You’re coming to the wrong person for that. I fucking HATE trying to line all that shit up on a Series 80. I can do it but that’ll turn a 5 minute video into a fucking miniseries.

  48. TemplarinGeorgia says:

    Hey WC. I’ve been reading you every day for several years. I Like your attitude. Hang in there. You provide good vibes. Go with what you want to do.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Thanks, man. Whereabouts in Georgia are you from? I spent a couple of years running around western Georgia and Alabama back in the mid ’70s when Pops was stationed at Ft. Benning.

  49. davidc says:

    Go for it !

  50. Dave says:

    I read your blog daily. I’d certainly be curious about anything you deemed worthy of posting.

  51. TemplarinGeorgia says:

    WC… Newnan, Ga. Very conservative community. Many x vets here. I’m originally from California via Kansas and ended up here. Georgia is an Open Carry state. We like it that way.


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