Cops in a doughnut shop. Imagine that.


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7 Responses to Cops in a doughnut shop. Imagine that.

  1. Dave in Indiana says:

    Looks like that scene from RoboCop.

  2. woodsterman says:

    And they think they’re being stereotyped.

  3. tired dog says:

    Harris County TX Pct 4 constables, HCSO and donuts, perfect together.

  4. alcade says:

    To be fair, I’d rather see them there than out hassling good folks minding their business.

  5. Cheesy says:

    Down here in SATX country, it’s breakfast tacos that bring them in…

  6. Randy says:

    Hosting asshole conventions since1979!

  7. Lofty says:

    Hey hey..,fat c**ts have to refuel too.

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