III to III (re-posting)

This is a re-post from last night. I want to keep it visible for a few days.

I did a post a few months ago about Steven whose shoulder was destroyed in a shooting accident, I can’t remember if it was on this site or Knuckledraggin Part 1. I can’t find it anywhere but I do remember posting it.
Most of you know him as Xenolith from his blog and from comments on other III blogs. He’s a good man and a solid Patriot. Anyways, his back is flat out up against the wall. He’s fixin’ to lose everything he has due to the injury – medical bills and lost work time.
I got this email from Angel a few minutes ago:

You have a longer, broader reach than I do. I think you know Steven, you posted pics of his shoulder once. He and Rose are good people. If you could post the link, I’d really appreciate it.

It’s a magic thing and I’m surprised AND proud that it hasn’t been abused. The people who ask for it truly deserve it, have exhausted all other avenues and hate like hell to even ask. If the III were any other group, it’d have been raped silly by now by people trying to raise money for boob jobs and cruises. Anyway, I’m babbling.

Hope you had fun with the rest of the mulberry trees.

Then I went to her site and saw this post.
Following the link, I saw this at his site:

For anyone who gives a crap, I have created a GoFundMe account to try to catch up on my life. I feel like a fucking piece of shit for doing it, but I can’t see my wife living under a bridge. I wouldn’t mind so much, but not her.
I’m almost at the point where I just don’t care either way. Sorry if I sound like I’m whining. Just letting off some frustration.
And if I hear one more time how the economy is ‘getting better’, I swear I’m gonna shoot someone.

The man is doing what he can to provide for his wife and himself. He’s offering up ad space to help offset expenses but we know that’s not going to do the entire job, so he’s set up an account for help.
Over the past couple of months I’ve seen this work. You kind folks helped out me and Miss Lisa with our expenses and you helped provide a young lady with a decent burial. Now I’m asking if you can help Steven.
You can donate HERE. People, every little bit helps, even if it’s just a couple bucks. Please do what you can. And if you own a business, please contact the man and talk to him about purchasing some ad space on his site.

This is from the donation site:
My right shoulder was destroyed in September, 2012. I have not been able to work, and even though I went to court last October and was found to be disabled, I have not received any financial aid to date.They put in a metal replacement, but there is no muscle to attach to allow movement, and aches constantly. My wife only makes $9.00 an hour, and even though my landlord is a good man, I currently owe him $1600.00 in current and back rent, my electric will be shut off February 3rd, because I had to choose between that or gas, and heating my home won. I have just been served notice I have to go to court on February 28th for $6,747.13 over medical bills I can’t pay. And of course I owe the IRS over $6000.00 and the State just over $1,000, but they can hold their breath. I have already sold anything I ever had worth anything, so there is nothing left for them to take.

Once again, the link to the donation site is:
Payday’s coming up – if you can help Steven and Rose out, please do. And if any of you are considering sending me a donation for my site, I’d appreciate it if you’d give it to him instead.

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  1. Kennymac says:

    “And if any of you are considering sending me a donation for my site, I’d appreciate it if you’d give it to him instead.”

    That is why I am proud to be a part of the Patriot community. Sense of entitlement? Never! We help each other, we don’t take from each other.

  2. Tetzman says:


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