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All right! Free shit!!!

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I did a post a few months ago about Steven whose shoulder was destroyed in a shooting accident, I can’t remember if it was on this site or Knuckledraggin Part 1. I can’t find it anywhere but I do remember … Continue reading

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Don’t drink the water

Okay, I don’t know much of anything about India’s religions but I do know that most of them consider the Ganges River to be holy. I also know that it’s extremely polluted – the lower levels anyways – they incinerate … Continue reading

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Gotta be California (again)

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True, true…..

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But I thought Chick-fil-A was evil?

Chick-fil-A feeds stranded motorists – for free By FOX NEWS – A number of motorists who had to abandon their vehicles in the snow on Highway 280 outside of Birmingham, Ala. were able to find shelter in the storm thanks … Continue reading

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Sounds like California

We actually have rain forecast for tomorrow and everybody’s all excited about it, like less than a half inch is actually gonna do us any good. They’re gonna have Live ‘Storm’ tracking, up to the minute reporting, all that good … Continue reading

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Drunk chicks – gotta love ’em.

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Fucking pussy

The GOP Congressman who threatened to throw a reporter off the Capitol balcony on camera last night has apologized. Michael Grimm stormed off after NY1 reporter Michael Scotto tried to ask him about a controversy over his campaign finances – … Continue reading

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I miss midget rassling

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What the fuck is she hiding with all that goop?

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Teaching the youngsters right

In real life, there’s winners and there’s losers. ‘Participating’ is just a nice way of saying you’re a fucking loser.

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Angel goes shopping

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My reassurances

Tattooed on the right side of my neck, Psalm 91:5-6 which reads “Thou shall not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalketh in the darkness, no form of destruction that … Continue reading

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CharlieGodammit and L’il Lucy at bedtime

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Free shit

Woody shot me an email saying that Homestead Survival Blog is once again posting free Kindle books (at the time of posting) every day on their site. They did it a while back and then quit which kinda pissed me … Continue reading

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Maybe I should change my name to Woodcutter

Yeah yeah, I know I’ve been slacking on my posting the past couple of days but Miss Lisa got together with her cousin (our landlady) and decided that we needed to take the two mulberry trees in our front yard … Continue reading

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Shovel ready

Can’t remember if I stole this from Angels’ FB page or blog

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Some folks got no respect at all

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Talk about phone addiction

Unplug, flush, run like hell.

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