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Some of you out there have returned fire with the comment that no thanks are necessary. Allow me to refute this. In 49 years of my life, I have NEVER asked anything from anyone. I have ALWAYS been the ‘go to guy’. In the last year, I have had to grovel to the government, be condescended to by churches, and made to feel less than the man you all have reminded me I am. The generosity is beyond my ability to show my appreciation, but for my dignity, for the support, and for showing what the III Percent means in not just the political and patriotic sense, but in the Human sense, and as AMERICANS, for THIS, I MUST thank you. Whether you have been able to donate or not. And I know there are others out there struggling, God Bless you all, and Thank You. III to III.


I didn’t ask permission to reprint this but I don’t think he’d mind.
It humbles me to see the generosity of OUR people for our friend and family. The support, whether it is monetary or just a simple prayer, is just mind blowing. And the amount of people that donated anonymously? Yeah man, I don’t know if you just didn’t want credit or if you have warrants for your arrest…..
It also makes me proud that I was invited to be a part of this. For that I want to thank all of you.
Again, the site can be found HERE. Also, if you prefer to donate by snail mail, he’s posted his mailing address on the site. Even if you can’t donate, a nice note would be appreciated.


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