Don’t say you weren’t warned

Saw this over at WRSA a few days ago


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4 Responses to Don’t say you weren’t warned

  1. sigraybeard says:

    Best version of the poster with the top two I’ve seen!

  2. Jeff says:

    Damn straight it will. And the sad thing is the para-military LEOs in their hubris don’t have a clue as to PO’d a portion of the public is. With all the videos out there showing the…pigs out of control, do they really believe that they can do any damn thing they want without a payback? How many people are there, from whom it would take just one more incident for them to lose it. And, how many more are that when asked will say; “No officer I did NOT see a thing and I did NOT hear a thing. I don’t recall.” When the SHTF, I suspect there are going to a lot of folks with a score to settle with the LEOs Karma meet bitch.

  3. Joe says:


  4. mike says:

    The poster is of my thoughts exactly!!

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