Arrogant little prick

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11 Responses to Arrogant little prick

  1. David Forward says:
    A prick is the better part of a man — this jerk is no part man…
  2. Steve says:
    Someone needs to put that little fuck on a boat out of the USA
  3. Nic says:
    Please god. Let me get within arms reach of that little douche canoe without 8 of his 300lb body guards around. I would love to crush his throat! Go ahead and press charges. Jury would love me and I have nothing worth a shit to sue for.
  4. JimB says:
    Pussyassed little fag. This is what our young ones look up to, God help us.
  5. Kyle Miller says:
    Pretty sad when you have to try to look like Vanilla Ice to establish your badassitude.
  6. Carry on like that in the courtrooms I have worked in and the little faggot would be cooling his heels down in the cells with the unwashed mad, sad & the bad…
  7. Jeff says:
    I could not make it to the 1:30 mark. There are people that to shoot them with military surplus ammo would be a waste of good ammo. I’d put him in that column. There is a bio dad and bio mom who need to be ass stomped and bitch slapped for failure to be real parents.
  8. General P. Malaise says:
    keep it there , Canada disavows any part of it.
    • livin to ride says:
      WTF canada
      you don’t (claim) take responsibility for your fucked up youngsters
  9. Josh R. says:
    That kid was on a handful of Xanax. I’ve been around enough people on them and I guarantee you that’s what it was. He was ready to nod off a couple times during the interview. Little fucker. I can’t explain how much I would like to give him a nice backfist. Glad my daughter outgrew that shitty music.
    Josh R. III
  10. Martin Carlson says:
    This poor boy is simply misunderstood. A simple ass kicking will help him understand, and at this stage it may take several rounds of ass kicking therapy.
    A LAPD huddle is in order here.

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