BATF raids EP Armory

News broke yesterday that the BATF had raided the business premises of EP Armory and the home of it’s owner, Chris Cook. News reports are sparse as the ATF is being fairly tight lipped about the nature of their investigation. Local news sources are reporting that the ATF is on the hunt for “illegal weapons”. As of this writing the ATF has now allowed the store front to reopen for business.

We recently reviewed an 80% lower receiver from EP Armory here on TheBangSwitch. EP Armory receivers are mostly complete and only require a small amount of machining to convert them into a fully functioning AR15 lower receiver. However, as 80% complete receivers they are not considered to be firearms in the eyes of the government. Once manufacturing is completed by the owner, they are not required to be serial numbered or to be registered on a 4473 form despite the fact they are now deemed to be firearms. Your EP Armory AR15 becomes one of those mystical “ghost guns” bantered about in the media as of late.
Thanks to DVV for the story and livin to ride for the link.

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5 Responses to BATF raids EP Armory

  1. Greg B says:

    Copy of what I posted over at the Revo on this subject.

    These asshats have no idea how many 80% receivers are out there.
    Hundreds of thousands. Possibly a couple million. Or more.
    Not just AR15s. AR10s, 10-22s, AKs from flats, 1911s. The true number will never be known.
    There are tons of people who just decided to invest in their own machines and start making them in their garages. The designs and prints are freely disseminated on the interwebs.
    Can’t stop the signal. Fuck the Feds.

  2. Dave says:

    I keep having this recurring dream where I rent a house in a bad part of town. In this house I get copious amounts of explosives and plant them in the yard, the house and the driveway. I get several M4, mount them on tripods (motorized) and after all is said and done, I fire off a mag of ammo. Now bear in mind that all the shooting is done by remote. After the cops show up, the swat team is next to show. Guess what, Yup all the planted explosives go boom.
    My wife thinks I have authority issues. I don’t see it.

  3. DVV says:

    Just a quick follow up; your previous poster, Greg B, has no clue; the BATFE has detailed records of “Who, when, where and how much.” down to the hour they were purchased.

    • Greg B says:

      I disagree.
      For every company that is in the business of making and or selling unfinished receivers, there is probably just as many individuals doing it on the side.
      Perhaps the volume isn’t there, but neither are any records.
      Just the way I see it.

  4. Olddog John says:

    My only thought is that the NSA may know more than the ATF or thr DOJ …
    Hey NSA are you listening … Knock once for NO ….

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