Day 8

No dipping for over a week now and the homicide rate in Stanislaus County hasn’t spiked in the past few days. The craving hasn’t really gotten any easier but it’s easier to blow it off if you know what I mean. I sure do miss that first chew in the morning with a cup of hot black coffee though.
Man, after going through this much bullshit it’s gonna to be like heaven when I fuck up and start back up again. I can’t hardly wait.
I did take a reader’s advice and chewed up some jerky and popped it in my lower lip and you know what? Instant fucking relief. It was almost the same consistency and had a smoky taste. The only problem is I love my dried meats so much I kept swallowing my chew and went through about a pound of the shit in one day. But I do highly recommend it if you’re jonesing hard.
I’m still finding other advantages to quitting, too. Like neither the truck or jap car have tobacco stains down the sides (redneck racing stripes) anymore. I’m able to afford 2 more boxes of ammo a week. There aren’t bits of dried tobacco on the steering wheel and dash from when I sneeze.
Oh well. Gotta quit dwelling on it.

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18 Responses to Day 8

  1. livin to ride says:

    i didn’t smoke when i got out of the hospital-nursing home BUT
    i couldn’t stay by myself. so i moved in with my mother
    she smokes like a fuckin freight train and it got me started again
    im ready to move the hell out so i can get off them again
    i also smoke a cigar every once in awhile not a problem there
    went 9 months without a smoke. damn it was actually nice too

    i chewed when i was kid like 13 or so quit around 16-17
    hang in there man you will whip it

  2. livin to ride says:

    a little inspiration for ya

  3. Falcon says:

    8 days and going strong—-You just about got it kicked in the ass. A lot of people(who use to smoke and chew) are standing strong behind you – don’t lets us down.

  4. griffin says:

    I’ve dipped Cope for 30+ years and I know what you are going through with sucks donky cock.
    I did the sunflower seed thing to get the daily habit down to a manageable tin a I’m down to just dipping when I’m hunting or cutting wood. But when a can of Miller High Life is in hand..I gotta dip in.
    Good luck, it gets better.

  5. Dirty Joe Kennedy says:

    Can’t quit…. tried And can’t do it…. just love it tooooo mucbo

  6. dogpigcat says:

    I quit cigs 5 years ago this April 15th. The tax went up on them which pissed me off so I quit. Wasn’t easy but at 6.50/pack I was saving us some nice cash. After about 6 months or so the wife suggested I go buy a pistol or something to celebrate. I did.
    Hang the fuck in there.
    Or be a candy-ass and start up again.
    Your call…

    • SemperFi, 0321 says:

      Just imagine having your jaw removed because you couldn’t quit. Or your esophagus.
      I’m not trying to be a fukn asshole, but the sound of me wheezing and gurgling at night, and waking myself up finally did it for me. No matter how bad it got, I saw those guys at the VA, sitting out by the back door, smoking and having O2 hoses up their nose, that was a level I would never go to. Quitting’s a helluva lot easier.

      • Wirecutter says:

        Yeah, I know all that and it weighed heavily into my decision to quit.
        You know what’s fucked up? Getting way the fuck back in the woods and realizing you forgot to buy a spare can so you cut your hunt short. Yup, I did that on a paying client one time.

  7. pinebuffalo says:

    I finally quit cigarettes a long time ago. There was a time before that when I was smoking two to three packs a day AND chewing a couple tins of Grizzly a week and having a few cigars on the weekend. I quit the chew first, the smokes years later and I still have a cigar maybe once a year.

    Hold on, Man, you can do it if I could. I believe at my height I could have kept insects off the guarden by pissing around the perimeter, but it probably would’ve stunted the veggies.

  8. Eric says:

    8 days…you are on a roll man! Don’t believe those who tell you that the physical shit is over in three days, physical withdrawal can last up to two weeks – at least for smokers, not sure how that translates to dip.

    After that it’s all mental, and I know from reading here every now and then you are a hard-headed son of a bitch. No offense. I won’t say some bullshit like it will be easy but I’ve complete confidence that you can do it.

    They make that jerky chew shit too you can get in gas stations, I know a few guys who have used that. You wouldn’t even have to chew it up first and it comes in a can, gives you something to pack and pinch out of that isn’t going to kill you.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. You got kids you care about? Do it for them……Just saying

  10. Jean says:

    An extra 2,080 rounds of ammo will sure be nice to have by this time next year. Keep a happy thought.

  11. St. Bernard says:

    Peppermint lifesavers & a damn good program from the VA helped me quit for 3+ years so far. Good luck!

  12. Doug says:

    Hang in there man! At 8 days you ought to be pretty much past the worst of the hell (physical addiction) part. It’ll be a struggle for a while but after a year or so you’ll have it whipped for good. That’s a good feeling. I smoked (3+ packs a day) for over 20 years and quit many times. I used the nicotine patches the last time for the physical withdrawal and just hard headed my way through the mental aspect. Since I quit I tell people “Hell, I can do anything–I quit smoking after 20 years”. Probably the hardest thing I ever did and one of the best things.

    Keep it up and best of luck to you. We’re pullin for ya.

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