Freshman English

I took Freshman English 4 times.
I failed it the first year about halfway through the semester. I was doing good man, until they got into the poetry. Fuck that shit. I can deal with damned near everything else they had so far, but I don’t do poetry. I ain’t that way. So I quit going to class (I need to say right now that the attendance system at KAHS in Kaiserslautern West Fucking Germany was lax enough even a knuckledragger could beat it). Pops was pissed as hell when he found out at mid year report cards, but hey, kicking my ass wasn’t going to change that fact that I failed and had to re-take it. I mean I still got my ass kicked but what was done was done. Made him feel better though.
The second year I made it two weeks. I was sitting in class with a bunch of freshmen that were acting up and the fucking teacher pointed at me and said I was a prime example of what happens when you don’t apply yourself. Okay, I realized that re-taking the class was my fault but apparently the teacher decided a little public humiliation was also in order. So I humiliated her and that got me 2 weeks off and kicked out of the class.
The third year I didn’t even show up, man.
So here I am, a fucking SENIOR, and I gotta take Freshman English to graduate. My Senior year was in Georgia and the military was big into racial integration at the time and trying to save a dime so they bussed my lily white ass along with another 30 or so terrified white kids all the way across town to a fucking ghetto high school (shout out to all Spencer High Alumni!) in Columbus. It was the second or third year it was integrated and it was 85% black. Ghet-toe black. Stand-a-good-chance-of-getting-cut black. Just so I can re-take Freshman English and be a high school graduate in only four years. But I passed it. Fourth time’s a charm, baby.
I got the last laugh though. I got myself kicked out of high school the week before graduation.

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  1. DVV says:


    Sorry if this is unrelated to the above story but thought you might want to know. Not sure if any one is aware or not, but EP Armory and Poly80 there in Cali were raided by BATFE thugs the other day. In case you don’t know they were some of the ones that made 80% polymer lower AR receivers. Supposedly the BATFE was looking for the catch-all “illegal firearms”. I have and inside source that says they actually wanted the customer sales list. Also, Source said that Polymer80 and JM Tactical are next. Just FYI…

  2. So you were an Army brat at K-town huh? I was an Army brat at Baumholder prolly about the same time.

  3. GeorgeD says:

    The Columbus, Georgia school system was obligated to integrate their schools so they decided to do it with Ft. Benning children. Nobody was happy with this solution, particularly the on-post families.

  4. Crustyrusty says:

    LOL I almost failed freshman English because the teacher was about 25, hot, and had huge titties.

  5. steve tompkins says:

    i’ll verify that the attendance at Ktown was very lax. almost never went to class, and still passed. I also refused to go to English classs when forced to take Bible Lit. spent most of the school,day out in the woods playing hide and seek with the “white hats” and Captain Howdy.

  6. Father Confessor says:

    Yeah. Whatever. I was an “A” student at Penn State. Then I got a fucking racist POS who told THE FUCKING CLASS, that everyone but ONE was going to pass his POS class. Guess who that was? He fucking made it a point to tell the class!!! These days I’d slit his throat one night and no one would know.

  7. Keith says:

    I live in Columbus. There are loopholes in the system that would have allowed you to go to any school in the county. I’m sure this is useful information considering you’ve been out of school for however long but if you have any friends in the area let them know there are options.

    Also, for a high school dropout – your blog is pretty cool. It’s the only blog I have bookmarked.

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