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4 Responses to Fuuuuuck…..

  1. Google ‘haast eagle’
    That one WAS a man-eater!

  2. Leigh says:

    Last week, one of the road crew guys called my brother; said there was a “baby bald eagle” laying in the ditch. So he promptly called his buddy, who’s a game warden, and told him what was going on.
    Sure enough, when Justin showed up, there was a immature eagle laying along-side the road. It had a laceration on its head, and was hypo-thermic. Got there just in time too, as the Ravens were getting set to eat its ass. He dumped out a 30 gallon tote, and stuffed the semi- comatose bird in it. Then he headed for the raptor center, just above Rutland, VT.
    Just about half way there, Justin looked in his mirror to see a rather irritated bird looking back at him! He said, ” It was obvious, that we weren’t friends anymore”. Sliding to a stop along Rt4, he managed to get the lid back on the tote before it got out – then piled everything he had in the cab on it. Said every once in a while, the eagle would pop the lid up enough to see its eyes for a second. I guess towards the end of the trip, he had his lights going, and was hauling ass before that bird got loose in his truck! Said, it wasn’t one of his better ideas.
    When he got it there, the docs figure it had dove at something and clothes-lined itself on a strand of barbed-wire. After it knocked itself out cold, it damn near froze to death. Justin said he would let my brother know if it makes it. I would have like to have seen that thing close up; my brother said it was huge.

    Whitehall, NY

  3. David343 says:

    Is that Nancy Pelosi’s claw?

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