Got waylaid, didn’t ya?


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III Percenter to the fucking core, trying to stay one step ahead of my wife Miss Lisa and my liberal dog CharlieGodammit and his old lady, Li'l Lucy.
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6 Responses to Got waylaid, didn’t ya?

  1. Julie Armstrong says:
    Thank you wirecutter for a laugh out loud moment!
  2. Speaking as a college level writing instructor, most academic writing is nothing more than mental wanking.
  3. Sara says:
    I would think if he had gotten “way laid” he wouldn’t have done all that fappin’…
  4. Critter says:
    HA! Beat that!!
  5. pdwalker says:
    Is he blind?
  6. Hiker Mike says:
    Would that be listed in the “Hustler book World of Records” ?

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