Meanwhile, in Canada…..

Last week, thousands of rifles that had been legally purchased by properly licenced Canadians had their classifications under the Firearms Act changed by the RCMP, from non-restricted to prohibited. For these thousands of law-abiding gun owners, who had complied with all applicable laws when purchasing their firearms, paid taxes on the purchase and then stored and used their firearms properly, this was tantamount to a seizure of property without compensation.

Our law requires anyone who purchases or possesses a firearm or ammunition to be licenced, but there are three levels of licence: non-restricted, which covers most hunting rifles and shotguns; a restricted licence, mostly for handguns; and a prohibited licence that covers fully automatic firearms, easily concealed snub-nosed pistols and other exotic bits of hardware. Prohibited licences are only available to a very select few Canadians who already owned prohibited-class firearms when the laws were enacted in 1995, and have not been issued since. By reclassifying thousands of rifles as prohibited, the RCMP made it effectively impossible for even a licenced, law-abiding gun owner to continue to legally possess rifles they already owned.

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  1. Hillbilly says:

    It’s much safer now, you can still hunt…..Just have to check your bow&arrows out from the constables office aye! Fucking Canada, Fuck That..

  2. madmike says:

    Wow.. things just keep inching forward… NEW WORLD ORDER=ABSOLUTE POWER. How much longer before those are the headlines in the U.S??!!!!!

    • Timbo says:

      How much longer/ Try 20 years ago!
      Remember the “Assault Rifle Ban” – where they banned some semi auto rifles?
      Amazingly it had a 10 year expiry, and luckily the GOP was running things when it was up for renewal.
      The last party in charge of Canada created a long gun registry, but the next, and current political party tossed it out.
      Seems there is an ebb and flow in both countries.

  3. Greg B says:

    Makes ya wonder if Bloomie made a big donation to the RCMP.
    Wouldn’t put it past the bastard to attempt to influence foreign .govs with his billions.

    • Ofay Cat says:

      Soros funds the anti energy groups in Canada through the Tides foundation … he is partly responsible for Canada having a very tough time developing it’s pipelines to sell it’s gas and oil. I’ll be some of Bloomies money goes there too. Don’t worry … the RCMP are an organization of complete assholes led by a giant sphincter. They need no incentives to be draconian … they are no different from some of the pigs you call policemen in the USA … too bad, they used to be a well-respected force, but no more. Did you know that some RCMP wear TURBANS?

  4. Bob says:

    Screw them, this is my Rubicon, they can try to ban that stuff here in the states and there will be many like me that flat out ignore that law because it is an immoral law and built on the tyranny of man. All it would take is for a lot of canucks to say “fuck them” and the system will implode, there ain’t enough mounties to enforce that one.

    • SemperFi, 0321 says:

      The sheep still haven’t figured out they outnumber the herders. And they never will, they’re sheep.
      Most folks like going thru life being told what to do, they haven’t the brains or backbone to stand up for themselves, and were told from an early age to do as they’re told. Can’t undo a lifetime of brainwashing in a week.

  5. Ofay Cat says:

    I live in Canada and I have gone through all the horse shit to be ‘allowed’ to buy guns. It is onerous. For whatever reason, the authorities simply do not like an armed citizenry, no matter what bullshit they toss at you about wanting you to have your firearms. THEY ALL LIE!

    What many Canadians do, once they get guns, is hide some of them ASAP so that when the confiscators come around, they find little or nothing. it’s the only way …. all governments are determined to completely disarm their citizenry to show that they have succeeded in creating a peaceful society and guns are no needed by anyone but the police.

    Never ever give up your guns …. it’s the best thing that can be used to protect your family from marauders during times of unrest, help overthrow a despotic government. … get you something to eat during times of unrest or of truck stoppages … etc … it’s all coming down the pike eventually and you don’t want to be caught with nothing but a sharp stick.

  6. madminute says:

    should this stand I’m sure the compliance rate will be low! the rcmp have a very small approval rating already, this just brings it down another notch.

  7. bobdog says:

    Just like in the US, whatever isn’t taxed, prohibited, licensed or regulated, is mandatory.

  8. favill says:

    And this is why you should never, ever get a gun license…because your name will automatically be put on some list.

  9. Rebecca says:

    The British tried that here about 250 years ago. Canada was formed by those who supported the crown. They still do. SURPRIZE!!!!

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