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Here’s a short list of strange places I’ve woken up after a hard night’s drinking. 1) In a Goodwill box 2) In the trunk of a car 3) Under a pool table 4) A Ladies restroom in the Capitol building … Continue reading

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Oh, fuck you.

Piers Morgan, CNN’s departing talk show host, could not miss one last opportunity to take a swipe at U.S. gun laws Friday before signing off after three years on air. Morgan devoted the final minutes of Piers Morgan Live to … Continue reading

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Brass company raided by EPA.

Environmental Protection Agency and FBI agents raided the ammunition company USA Brass over alleged “environmental violations” early Thursday morning. NBC Montana was tipped off by witnesses that federal investigators were there until at least 4 a.m. on Thursday. Federal agents … Continue reading

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‘Random’ pat down coming up

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Sure, why not?

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The American sheeple – then and now

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Somebody has a sense of humor

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Wirecutter’s Tip of the Day

Click to enlarge Never can tell when this shit might come in handy, ya know.

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Nic the Firebug – The Early Years

Sent in by WiscoDave

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Looks like somebody lost a bet

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Waste not want not

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Day 6

I finally quit fucking around and gave up one of the loves of my life this past Sunday. It was a hard decision to come to and I don’t know why because it’s been a love/hate thing all along. I … Continue reading

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I’m back, goddammit.

Fucking relay goes out in some hub 5 miles away and knocks out the internet, landline and Miss Lisa’s TV. That’s all. Nobody else in the whole fucking area, just mine. I got up Friday morning and went to check … Continue reading

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Wirecutter – The Later Years

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Your camo’s not working for you

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I’d love to hear the explanation for this

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Mid morning hottie

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Okay, there’s something you don’t see everyday.

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Fuck you, Kelsey.

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