Rain rain rain…..

Yeah man, I’m on vacation this week and one of the things I had planned was a day or two up at the lakes catching some eatin’ trout. It turns out my usual run of luck with the weather is holding.

Rain all week. What the fuck is going on with that? I mean, according to Sam “Chicken Little” Culper our drought is so fucking bad that we’re going to have mass evacuations here on the west coast (I know, I laughed too when I read that) and yet it’s done nothing but rain for the past couple weeks.
Miss Lisa doesn’t understand my bitching about a little rain, says she doesn’t see the harm seeing as I’m going to fall out of my boat anyways like I always do.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Trout always hit better with a few drops spanking the water surface, guess they think it’s bait or some shit.

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