‘Random’ pat down coming up


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9 Responses to ‘Random’ pat down coming up

  1. Buckaroo says:

    Her tattoo says, “you must be this high in order to ride this ride.”

  2. madminute says:

    my my that is SEXY 100%!

  3. Father Confessor says:

    LOL @ Buckaroo.
    Mmmmm … good and plenty.

  4. Dirty Joe Kennedy says:

    Damn…. Silicone Bomb implants? The future of terrorism has taken an erotic turn…

  5. Critter says:

    Not a Kardashian, the arse isn’t huge enough.

  6. Bryn. says:

    My application form for airport security work just got posted……… now need to figure how to safely describe a days work to the Mrs….

  7. madmike says:

    Keep dreaming!!!

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