Suave and debonaire


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III Percenter to the fucking core, trying to stay one step ahead of my wife Miss Lisa and my liberal dog CharlieGodammit and his old lady, Li'l Lucy.
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3 Responses to Suave and debonaire

  1. WC, you can spell? Awesome! I can spell scientific terms, but French? Not so much.
    • Wirecutter says:
      My mother was a grammar nazi. Not only could I already read before first grade I could write too.
      I still can’t do long division though.
      • Sarthurk says:
        Good for that! My wife is a grammar Nazi. I get jackbooted all the time. Long division? screw that! I couldn’t figure that out until they made calculators that did it for ya! That’s the only way I could have gotten a BS. I declined going for a More Shit degree and decided to work for a living!

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