Violence in ABQ, New Mexico

Details HERE

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9 Responses to Violence in ABQ, New Mexico

  1. Old Richard says:

    We are going to see more and more of this as long ass the fucking
    cops think they can just shoot anybody for no fucking reason.
    The peoples are getting up and fuckin’ fed.

  2. SemperFi, 0321 says:

    It needs to escalate, maybe a bunch of vets ( a whole lots of ’em) that know what they’re doing need to slap the LEO’s down, and hard, with whatever it takes. If it doesn’t happen NOW, it will only get worse for us, the cowards in this country are already beyond belief, to find a few men of courage is rare today. Think Battle of Athens TN 1946.
    Or they can just run like chickens and sheep whenever the LEO’s show up, and take their beatings.

  3. Nic says:

    Only does so much to go out and protest just to end up arrested… soon headlines will read.. mass protest. Dozens of murderers killed by civilian snipers

    • SemperFi, 0321 says:

      Standing around holding a candle light vigil is stupid and worthless, but if every one is a cocktail, now that’s another story.
      Has anyone been doing an assessment of LEO capabilities, what weapons and ammo they’re carrying, where their snipers are emplaced? It would suck if the snipers were just disappeared.

  4. Mr. Miracle says:

    I am surprised at this. Burque cops have been killing folks since forever. Gunning down wheelchair bound people, old men on porches, guys with a crucifix in their hand, it never ends. The thin blue line better vanish when the shit hits the fan, or they will be strung up. People are fed the fuck up, and it is only starting.

  5. Foodstamps says:

    Ah, the old neighborhood. We had lived for some time right where this shit went on yesterday, and I can tell y’all some things from experience.

    This is the college part of town. The most liberal part of Albuquerque by far. These kids don’t give a fuck about what happened to James Boyd. They don’t give a fuck about an increasingly violent paramilitary police force, either. They don’t care about overreach by any government agency. They could not care less about abuse of authority.

    They love, however, to rise to any occasion that lets them act like their leftist heroes, use megaphones to spew tired Marxist diatribe, and affirm their narcissistic, stagnant-come-permanent adolescence, and break shit. They are walking weeds. There is not a single original thought among them. The people y’all saw in that video are not patriots, nor are they outraged, nor will they actually fight. They are largely dumb white college kids, and bored.

    Speaking of Vets (may God bless and keep them all), what do y’all think of this?

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