But not her trailer house?

A beauty school student from Sacramento says she had to sell her car because it was being haunted by the spirit of her dead boyfriend.
Deanna Stinson says she had a series on spine-chilling experiences in her pick up truck which started days after her boyfriend Alex’s unexpected death.
When a paranormal investigator checked the car, he recorded what the pair believe was a male voice trying to answer their questions.


In one encounter, she claimed that he appeared as a ghost in the back seat and began to give her a shoulder massage.
‘I was starting to get freaked out and I don’t like to be touched by ghostly hands, especially when I am driving,’ she told the Knight Talk Radio website.

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4 Responses to But not her trailer house?

  1. drjim says:

    She’s probably going to buy a Toyota Pious…….

  2. Paul B says:

    Oh lord, the media does love to let idiots dig themselves in deeper. Some people just never learn critical thinking skills.

    One time I ate chinese food that had been sitting on the counter overnight, and I briefly experienced Total Awareness. Then I experienced nausea and a week of diarrhea. I think it was a message from the Buddha. Buddha haunted my colon, and needed to make room.

  3. Critter says:

    I’d give $200 for it.

  4. buzz1949 says:

    Paul played his fake shit perfectly. He got the young stuff and her ghostly dreams. Lucky Paul. Or is he lucky??? (Paul in the article, not Paul B.)

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