Antennae Tower locator

It’s all about keeping your recons current in your area. Use all the resources available to you.
Go to your local power and gas companies, your city hall and ask for maps of underground works. They’ll give them to you! Besides, as a responsible homeowner, tenant or trailer trash you should have ’em anyway.
Use Google Earth to give yourself an overhead view of your area – you’ll be surprised at what you find out. The place two houses down has a pool? That’s an emergency water supply. That alley dead ends, that one doesn’t.
You won’t believe the amount of pre-scouting I’ve done hunting coyotes using Earth. But you notice I said pre-scouting – nothing beats doing it firsthand. In unpopulated areas GE doesn’t give you a good feel for the terrain. Gotta get out and scope it yourself.

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  1. BMello says:

    That’s much better than for looking up tower and antenna locations. For Operating frequencies though,

  2. Phssthpok says:

    I spent almost 2 years using Google Earth to ‘get a feel’ for property listings when I was looking to buy some bare land. Often times the properties I had interest in were on remote roads with no ‘numbering scheme’ for addresses yet, and would be listed a ‘TBD* something-or-other road’.

    GE helped locate the road, and zooming down to ground level allowed me to compare skylines with the photos in the listing. Once the general location was determined, I was able to zoom back out and tilt/pan to determine ‘lay of the land’ (elevations/contours), as well as orientation (I wanted southern exposure for solar).

    * TBD = To Be Determined

  3. DanG says:

    Street View is very useful too, where available. It covers almost all paved roads in the US.

  4. Don says:

    As to your thoughts on water supply I.e., using a neighbor’s pools as a source of water in a SHTF scenario. I am one of those neighbors who has a 20k gal pool, not for its enjoyment. I, and my family, rarely swim in it but we maintain it for its potential. WTF? Do you not think we would not defend it as vigorously as we would defend our home, family, or food supply? Bad advice that seems to pit neighbor against neighbor… Or did I misunderstand your intention? If so, please make your intentions clear.

  5. Dwrench says:

    Another good source is It gives you various ways to locate repeaters however in a SHTF scenario, Simplex may be the only avenue when the back-up gens run out of fuel..

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