So what? Granny moves a little slow.


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3 Responses to So what? Granny moves a little slow.

  1. buzz1949 says:

    How in the fuck does Granny get out of the cart?? If someone did that to me, they would have a little hole in their forehead and a huge hole in the back of their stupid head. If Granny wants some socialization, take her to the senior center or a movie, for Christ’s sake.

  2. Lofty says:

    Yeah buzz that my was thought too.
    To be fair my first thought was how in the living Pinot noir did she get in there?
    Perhaps a helpful concerned Charles Atlas candidate did his thing.

  3. Ogrrre says:

    It looks like the cart has been specially modified for her. There is no back to the cart, and the handles are not the usual shopping cart handle.
    Who knows? The old woman may be a micro-managing b-word, who thinks her grand-daughter/grand-daughter-in-law is incompetent to do the shopping. Or, maybe she just wants to get out away from those old fogeys in the home.

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